Your perfect Christmas day curtains

Christmas is a time for family, friends, celebration & if you can- relaxation. It’s also a time to make memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re hosting over the festive period you may be thinking about becoming guest ready by creating a warm and inviting space to sit round the open fire and tuck into the chocolate tins. Don’t forget about curtains in your Christmas preparation, the right curtains can bring a certain elegance to your home and make it feel like an intimate retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

How to create the perfect Christmas Day with Chocolate Curtains

We’ve provided you with a few options for choosing curtains, so that you can prepare in advance for when Christmas comes around you’re home is ready to sit back, relax and indulge on the warming mince pies and mulled wine.

  • Net curtains: Traditional, practical and pretty. Nets are very easy to install and look great in any room. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for almost any decorating style.
  • Voile Curtains: Modern, colourful & silky fabrics. Like net curtains, voile curtains have a lot of options when it comes to design and pattern choices. Made differently from nets they are woven which tends to mean the fabric has a super-smooth finish that’s naturally sleek and effortlessly elegant.
  • Thermal Curtains: Comfort is key and a cosy home during those winter months is important to everyone. Thermal curtains are the perfect window addition for privacy as well as temperature control. Keep the heat in and the cold out!

So, what are some of the secrets of creating an enjoyable and entertaining Christmas day?

It’s not all about the presents under the tree, there are many things! One of them is ensuring your home has the right curtains to provide your celebrations with privacy, warmth and style! Here we look at how curtains can help make that Christmas day special.

  • Curtains can help with privacy: With everyone piled into the front room opening presents, nets & voiles are the perfect solution to stop peering eyes from the street. They are ideal for privacy, draught excluding as well as still allowing plenty of light to flow into the room. And when the bedtime routine is extended over the festive period and the interior lights are on later the privacy of your celebrations can continue.
  • Thermal curtains can help with temperature control: If you live somewhere where winters are cold and summers hot—or vice versa—you’ll need some way of controlling the temperature inside your house without relying solely upon technology such as air conditioning units which would take up too much space if installed near doors etcetera; this is where curtain fabric comes into play since they’re made out mostly just thick cotton fabric which allows heat escape during winter months but traps heat inside during warm summer days.”
  • Curtains for all occasions- Bright colours are perfect for Children’s spaces and patterns can add a touch of fun or character to otherwise plain and simple spaces. An elegant Christmas calls for elegant window dressings and a space fit for a party can be dressed with sparkly fabrics.

Planning a perfect Christmas day

Planning a perfect Christmas day can be filled with excitement and anticipation, but sometimes also stress and pressure, especially if you have guests. That doesn’t need to be the case though, as a little planning can go a long way in making it a Christmas to remember for all the right reasons!

When you invite people into your home, it’s nice to give them a warm welcome. Putting up curtains or blinds when guests arrive can make them feel more comfortable than opening the door onto an empty room – so don’t forget about that when thinking about what kind of curtain would suit best!

The right curtains for the right guests.

Curtains are one of those things that can help create the right atmosphere for your guests, whether it’s a relaxing one, or a warm and cosy one. The key here is to think about what kind of mood you want to set with your curtains before buying them.

In a fire roasted chestnut shell…

The perfect Christmas day curtains can make all the difference, and it doesn’t have to be difficult! We hope this guide has helped you understand what some of the most important factors are when planning your perfect Christmas day. With a little planning and research, you will be able to create something that everyone will enjoy.

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