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Bespoke Headings

Make your house your home with our wide range of bespoke headings from classic slot tops and pencil pleat tape to contemporary eyeletstab tops, box pleats and wave. Enjoy experimenting with different styles to create different looks, we have a heading to suit all interiors and tastes! Click on each of the tabs below to explore the different options we have available to you. Do not forget our friendly customer service team is always on hand to help with any questions.

Slot top

A slot top (sometimes referred to as a “Rod Pocket”) heading is the most traditional heading on a net or voile curtain.  The slot top is the channel in the top of the curtain that you would feed a Tension Rod, Net Rod or Net Wire through. 

Our standard slot tops are designed to accommodate a rod of up to 19mm in diameter meaning that it works perfectly with the Tension RodsNet Rods and Net Wire that we stock. 

Pencil Pleat Tape

Pencil Pleat Tape is a very popular and traditional heading type and is supplied un-pulled. Before you start to hang your curtains ensure the threads are tied at each end then pull the threads to the width of your window, if you have a pair at the window you will need to pull it half the width only. Evenly space each pleat and dress at your window.

Pinch Pleats

Pinch Pleats provide a luxurious and tailored look to any Voile or Net with minimal dressing required. This heading has permanent pleats that are sewn into position to fit your track or pole width perfectly. These elegant folds flowing from top to bottom create a sophisticated feel to any room.

Wave voile sheers

Create a simple elegant look with wave voile sheers, creating a smooth continues wave from the top to the very bottom of your curtain. This contemporary design requires no dressing at all to create perfect waves, as the track does all the work for you.

Box Pleat heading

Achieve a professional and tailored look with Box Pleat heading, the fixed structured pleats create vertical folds from the very top to the bottom of the curtain. This finish looks stunning with a single flat panel but due to the flat finish of this style, there is not a lot of space for stack back. If using a pair at one window. These a better draped back with tie backs or hold backs, to maximise light.

Eyelet heading

Eyelet heading provides you with a smart and contemporary finish with soft pleats running vertically down the fabric creating simple and clear lines. This style creates a wave effect with deep folds running from top to bottom of the curtain.  Add a dramatic feature to your windows with a bold print creating a modern feel with our eyelet heading.

Tab Top headings

Tab Top headings provide you with a less formal and modern look to any Voile or Net at your window. This heading has tabs equally spaced apart and sewn at the very top of the curtain in either the same or a contrasting fabric.