Working from home (WFH), whether permanently or as part of hybrid working, has become the new normal for many since lockdown, so creating a space which can differentiate a home environment and a work environment is really important. It is essential to create the perfect environment in your home office to work efficiently. A few aspects such as privacy, lighting and temperature are beneficial to consider in making your daily experience the best it can be and to ensure you are performing at your very best. Believe it or not,... Read More


Blackout curtains

Why do you need blackout curtains? With the arrival of summer, the nights are getting shorter, making it more and more difficult to get a complete 8-hour sleep. Sleep is essential because it allows the body time to restore itself and prepare for another day. Our solution to help you get a good night’s sleep are blackout curtains. These are a must-have in your bedroom. Your body and mind are naturally inclined to be more restful when we are in the dark, which is why blackout curtains are essential when planning... Read More



Sustainability in interior design Sustainability in the world of interior design is growing rapidly with the aim to be more kind to the planet. When purchasing new curtains we have many questions to ask ourselves about what type of drapes will be perfect for our space. Often the question that also needs to be on our mind is what are type of curtains are available for more a sustainable home? This is why we have introduced Ado’s recycled voile range for those thriving for a more eco friendly touch to... Read More


Proud to launch the world's first 100% recycled Voile!

At Net Curtains Direct, we have been constantly striving to improve our sustainability, and lessen our impact on our planet. We’ve made a number of changes internally and externally, but in a market dominated with polyester products, we have been determined to offer a version of our best selling products that are 100% recycled, which we are now proud to do! We now offer a 100% recycled voile, that is available as both a custom made voile curtain made to your exact sizes, and a lower cost 100% recycled express... Read More

New Packaging!

If you’ve ordered from us recently you may have noticed that we’ve changed our packaging!   In line with our commitment to be as sustainable as possible we have removed all avoidable plastic from our packaging. Therefore, we are no longer placing individual curtains inside cellophane bags and instead are putting them directly into their postal bag.     This has no impact on how they arrive to you but will cut out an estimated 40,000 single use plastic bags from our packaging every year.   Our postal bags are... Read More

Everyday Price Promise

  At Net Curtains Direct we have the biggest range of nets and voile curtains online.  We also know that our customer service is top notch as is demonstrated by our 5 star ratings on Yotpo and Trustpilot. So, the only thing left for us to do (beside making your curtains of course) is to make sure that our prices are the best they possibly can be. That’s where our Price Promise comes in. We are frequently reviewing our prices to ensure that we are offering the lowest priced nets and voiles.Find... Read More

Linen Curtains 07/09/2018

Why choose linen curtains for your home?

What is linen fabric? Linen is a fabric that has been used for centuries to create garments and home furnishings, it’s a natural fabric woven from the fibres of the flax plant, these natural fibres give the distinct quality and texture that is soft and smooth to touch. Linen is lint free and laborious to manufacture but creates heavy duty durable fabric which gets softer with use. Making linen does not use as many resources as producing other fabrics, nor does it leave behind as many harmful by-products, offering you... Read More

Child Safety

Child Safety Legislation with Corded Tracks The Child Safety legislation is applicable to all homes, public buildings and any other premises where babies and young children aged 0-42 months are likely to be present. Example are homes, hotels, hospitals, shops, schools and any public place. All our cord drawn products comply with current child safety legislation. Retail packed Cord Drawn Products Cord pull lengths will be 100cm by default, If you cut down the track the cord length will then be longer it is then your responsibility to ensure the... Read More

Made to Measure Tracks

All of our Silent Gliss Tracks are available as Made to Measure. Online, these tracks are available to buy from 125cm – 600cm in 25cm increments. If you require an in-between size simply purchase the next size up and add a note in the ‘Comments‘ box at checkout specifying the exact size you need. There is no additional charge for this in our Silent Gliss range. Other information we require when ordering a made to measure track:  Curtain Stack: Please let us know if you have a single curtain pulled to the left... Read More

Tab Top, Pleated Tab & Tie Tops

Tab Tops provide you with a less formal and modern look to any Voile or Net at your window. This heading has tabs equally spaced apart and sewn at the very top of the curtain in either the same or a contrasting fabric. The finished drop is measured from the very top of the tab to the bottom edge of the curtain, meaning the tabs are included in your overall drop. To ensure your curtains hang correctly there must be an even number of tabs, these are usually spaced approximately 15cm apart with each tab measuring 10cm deep with a width of... Read More