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  • Proud to launch the world's first 100% recycled Voile!

    Posted on 24/01/2020 by Kayleigh

    At Net Curtains Direct, we have been constantly striving to improve our sustainability, and lessen our impact on our planet. We've made a number of changes internally and externally, but in a market dominated with polyester products, we have been determined to offer a version of our best selling products that are 100% recycled, which we are now proud to do!

    We now offer a 100% recycled voile, that is available as both a custom made voile curtain made to your exact sizes, and a lower cost 100% recycled express voile, that is available in 11 standard drop sizes.

    Both are made from polyester yarn that comes entirely from recycled plastic. We are so excited to be the first company to offer this product, and really hope that it will start to become the way all our polyester yarns are made longer term.

    As mentioned above, having a 100% recycled product is the latest step in our sustainability journey. In 2018 we started reducing the single use plastic we used in and around the office, then we moved to recycled or recyclable versions of our packaging, stickers, postcards etc, and in 2019 stopped individually bagging our express net curtains, and switched to biodegradable mailing bags for all deliveries. We also use all left over scraps and off cuts to make reusable bags, and we donate all the smaller pieces to textile banks.

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  • Beat The Christmas Rush

    Posted on 24/09/2019 by Christina

    It's that time of year again!

    If you want to freshen up your spare room for the festive season and have your sights set on made to measure net curtains, you need to start thinking about placing your order.

    In the run up to Christmas our workrooms get extremely busy and to guarantee you receive your order in time for Christmas we highly recommend placing your order sooner rather than later!

    We know, who'd have thought Christmas was a popular time for Net Curtains!

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  • New Packaging!

    Posted on 30/04/2019 by Christina

    If you've ordered from us recently you may have noticed that we've changed our packaging!
    In line with our commitment to be as sustainable as possible we have removed all avoidable plastic from our packaging. Therefore, we are no longer placing individual curtains inside cellophane bags and instead are putting them directly into their postal bag.
    Green eco friendly packaging square
    This has no impact on how they arrive to you but will cut out an estimated 40,000 single use plastic bags from our packaging every year.
    Our postal bags are also changing and will soon all be made of biodegradable plastic, which can even be added to your compost heap! The new bags are grey in colour rather than purple, if you receive a purple one it's because we're still using up our supply!

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