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Known for their luxurious production techniques, Harlequin create beautiful unusual fabrics. At NCD we offer a selection of their sheers

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  • Lucent 100% Linen Voile M2M NEW
  • Amble Soft Stripe Linen Voile M2M NEW
  • Foresta Sheer FR Voile M2M NEW
  • Enigmatic FR Sheer Abstract Voile M2M NEW
  • Stratus Linen Stripes Voile M2M NEW
  • Air Sheer Sky Blue Voile M2M NEW
  • Ertha Checked Sheer Voile M2M NEW
  • Floreana Botanical FR Voile M2M NEW
  • Origami Geometric Voile M2M NEW
  • Melodic Sheer FR Voile M2M NEW
  • Forte Weave Fire Retardant Voile M2M
  • Chance Soft Weave Fire Retardant Voile M2M
  • Purity Voiles M2M
  • Rococo Linen Open Weave Voile M2M
  • Zen White String Fire Retardant Voile M2M

Harlequin is a well-known brand in the fabrics industry, they are known for their high-quality and luxurious fabrics.  Their unique designs and use of vibrant colours create a range of striking and beautiful fabrics.

At Net Curtains Direct, we offer a selection of Harlequin's sheer fabrics. Their Sheer fabrics are lightweight, making them a popular choice for curtains, drapes, and other window treatments. Harlequin's sheers are made with high-quality materials and feature intricate patterns and designs that add a touch of elegance to any room.