Do thermal curtains work?

The simple answer is yes, thermal curtains have multiple layers of fabric which provide an insulating effect which will make your home more energy efficient. These layers start with a decorative one, this is followed by one or more insulating layers composed of materials to trap air – preventing heat transfer, many thermal curtains are backed with a vapor barrier, preventing absorption of condensation by the insulating materials. The insulating layers have the added benefit of dampening sound transmission through the curtains.

Thermal curtains for the winter

As winter approaches and the temperatures plummet, heating our homes becomes more and more important. Retaining this heat for as long as possible is important to help to reduce energy usage over the winter. This is where thermal curtains can help, the additional insulation provided may help to cut down energy usage and thus energy bills over the winter months. With the current gas and electricity prices thermal curtains can help more than ever reducing the heat loss through windows by up to 25%.

With energy costs rising in the UK, consider installing thermal curtains to help lower your energy and utility bills. In addition, thermal curtains also include a blackout feature means they will keep light locked out and give your room added privacy as well as regulating room temperate whether it is hot or cold. So, to answer the simple question, are thermal curtains worth it? The answer is a definite Yes.


Thermal curtains to keep the heat or cold out

Thermal curtains can help retain heat, acting as a barrier between the cold outside air and the warm, heated, inside air. This is achieved by clever use of multi-layered fabrics with higher R-values than regular curtains. The proper installation of thermal curtains can also help to make rooms feel warmer by reducing drafts, this is by effectively sealing the cold air away behind the curtains, preventing cold air currents from leaking out and causing you to feel colder.

To sum this up, thermal curtains will help to keep the warm air inside and reduce cold air currents from causing drafts. The additional insulation of thermal curtains will also help to dampen sound slightly.

How to take care of your thermal curtains

To keep your thermal curtains in good condition some care must be taken. Curtains should be opened regularly to avoid build-up of moisture and mildew. To prevent dust, build up and curtain discolouration you may want to vacuum your curtains with a soft brush on occasion, this can keep them looking fresh for longer. To wash your curtains, make sure to refer to our How to wash your curtains guide.

We offer a range of fabric washing care which is kind to your curtain fabric and are eco-friendly.

Styling your thermal curtains for the winter

Beyond just the functional benefits of thermal curtains, you can use curtains to help accentuate your room’s style. As winter approaches cosy autumn colours come into mind. These colours will help you get that warm and cosy feel. Our thermal curtains come in a range of colours that will help you create the perfect space for this autumn and winter.

Chocolate Brown Thermal Blockout Curtains

Chocolate brown thermal curtains evoke a sense of an earthy richness that makes a room feel warm and inviting, Much like a good cup of hot chocolate! These are very flexible as it suits well with any type of room setting.

Dark Green Thermal Curtains

These Dark Green Thermal Curtains comes with gold accents this natural colour evokes a chic and sophisticated look during the day but when a cosy feel during the night. The gold accents add a touch of elegance to the room.

Mustard Yellow Thermal Voile Curtains

These thermal curtains are made to measure curtains which means they can be tailored to your window size. The colour creates a very earthy and warm feel without loosing the zingy and bold feel to your room.

In nutshell thermal curtains are a must have before the winter days come, not only to help insulate your space, but also helps you save on the raising costs of energy bills in the UK. Suitable for both winter and summer makes thermal curtains a must have in all homes.

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