Create the perfect privacy with net curtains

Privacy and security at our windows can be a huge concern. Net Curtains are a perfect, affordable and flexible solution. Here at Net Curtains Direct our priority is offering the biggest selection and to cater for every design taste and budget.
In addition to our fantastic free sample service, we have also scored every Net Curtain and every Voile Curtain design with our very own density rating. We feel this is a fantastic aid for you to find the perfect range of designs to suit your individual needs. You can locate the rating of every design amongst the filters on the left hand side of the product page.

Density Rating

Our simple Density Rating ranges between 1-5 from ‘very sheer’ to ‘very dense’.

1. Very Sheer
Providing the most basic level of privacy. Designs that are ideal for partially obstructing the view into your window but cut out very little sun light. We have only deemed a small selection of Voiles (none that are Net Curtains) fine enough for this rating. The ultra sheer Voiles are so light-weight that they do not over power any decor scheme and hang subtle at the window.
Gemini Voile Curtain

2. Fairly Sheer
The designs rated ‘fairly sheer’ are either plain or have very lightly embroidered pattern. Here you will find our finest Net Curtain. For those of you uncomfortable committing to a Net Curtain the entire width of your window, why not choose to have a tape heading and treat your Net Curtains like curtains that can be drawn on a track? This gives you the flexibility to choose when to draw them, perhaps only when you go out for the day, or away for the night.
Laura Net Curtain

3. Medium Weight
Medium weight Net Curtains tend to have the same light-weight base as those rated 2, but have heavier filled patterns and patterns that are all-over the curtain. The same applies to our patterned Voile collections rated medium weight. The plain designs rated ‘medium weight’ such as ‘Haze’ and ‘Lincoln’ are beginning to appear heavier than those rated 1&2, are woven closer and even have some natural slub texture. Ideal for rooms decorated with a rustic or shabby chic style.
Lincoln Voile Curtain

4. Fairly Dense
All nets rated 4 have all-over, busy patterns and are really ideal for windows facing directly on to the street and obscure all vision into your room. The voiles rated 4 and ‘fairly dense’ are either very busy in pattern, like our selected net curtain designs, or even more densely woven or coloured plain designs.
Simplicity Voile Curtain

5. Very Dense
Again the designs rated 5 are generally heavier or busy designs than those rated 3&4. In addition, the range includes voiles that are lined with lining to provide that further level or coverage.
Sophie Net Curtain

If you find that you like the look of finer designs such as ’Sapphire Voile’ or ‘Plain Net’ but would ideally have a curtain which provides more privacy, an alternative idea would be to increase the amount of gather and folds on your curtain width,for added security.

gather guide

Once you have narrowed your search down to a particular rating, we would really encourage you to order a variety of samples to explore at home before ordering. Please give our friendly customer service team a shout if you would like to find out more.

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