Using Twist & Fit Tension Rods on Large Windows

Twist & Fit Tension Rods
The Twist & Fit rods are a fabulous product – very easy to use and can be fitted in seconds, making no marks or holes in your window frames.

We often get asked whether the larger Twist & Fit tension rods will show any signs of bowing when fitted at large windows.  The answer is yes, unfortunately there may be some bowing on larger windows. The rods are telescopic with a pre-loaded spring, and although they are made of plastic coated steel and are generally very strong, above 220cm wide there may be some visible bowing therefore we recommend purchasing our centre supports to resolve this.

We have tested all sizes of rod and have not experienced any bowing on the first 4 sizes up to and including the 122-200cm. We have carried out vigorous testing on the longest standard rod 154cm – 275cm in our work room, and we have found the following (without using a centre support);
● Up to 210cm there are no visible signs of bowing
●  When extended to 220cm there was approximately 1cm of bowing which is only apparent by measuring
●  At 240cm there was approximately 2cm of bowing
●  At 250cm and above there was approximately 2.5cm of bowing
Extra Strong Twist & Fit Tension Rod
Our Extra Strong Tension Rod 230cm – 310cm has also undergone tests here at NCD HQ, this tension rod is thicker than a standard tension rod and so does not experience as much bowing. The rod does extend up to 355cm but we do not suggest using the rod over 310cm, if it is used to this maximum there will definitely be bowing and it will need to be supported in the middle.
A few things to be aware of;
● PLEASE note the twist and fit centre supports are not compatible with the extra strong twist & fit tension rod.
● The amount of bowing may also increase with heavier or full length sheers are hung.
● The bowing was measured by the height of the centre of the end compared to the centre of the mid point of the rod.
● Please note, all rods are stated to their very maximum length, but we do not advise they are used to this maximum and suggest leaving at least 10cm unused to ensure the rod holds correctly
Additional Information:
Unfortunately with no-fuss products like the Twist & Fit rods there is often a compromise to be had. If you have a window with a total width in excess of 220cm and bowing would be unacceptable for you, you can use a centre support that is adhesive backed for sticking into your frame.
A good alternative to tension rods for very wide windows is our Large Bendable Net Rod, which can cover a window (straight or bay) up to 525cm wide.  These come complete with 8 mid support brackets that can be stuck on or screwed on, face fix or top fix.
The other alternative for a neater finish is to use one of our Discreet Curtain Tracks. Although they do require holes to be drilled into the frame or recess area, they generally look the smartest and also allow for the sheers to be open and closed when you need to access the windows. The depth of the Discreet Track is only 10mm and can be top fixed or face fixed. If you do decide to use a track, you will need to have heading tape sewn to the top of your nets or voiles, which can either be 2″ or 3″. The larger the tape the more pockets you have to hang the curtains from, you can adjust the height slightly. You can also hide the track completely if you use the 2″ or 3″ tape by using the middle pockets. A 3″ tape would look best for a drop longer than 150cm. We stock a full range of tracks and poles that you can use, especially if you would rather make a feature out of the hanging with a decorative pole. For more help on preparing to purchase nets or voiles, please see our Measuring Guide.
If you have any questions or comments about hanging net or voile curtains, please get in touch and one of our experienced staff will be happy to help.

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