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Sample Request

Choosing the right fabric for your sheer curtains can be a big decision and it is beneficial to colour match in the natural light of the room intended.

At Net Curtains Direct we offer a free* sample service on all of our made-to-measure Nets & Voiles,  dispatched directly to your home or office address within 1-2 working days.


* Up to 5 samples free. Postage 99p.


Sample Service

How to Request your Samples

Simply add the samples to your shopping basket from the individual product page and checkout. Or pick from our quick packs below:

Top Tips!

When choosing samples, consider what type of curtain you need, e.g do you need a custom-made size or would a standard ready-made size fit fine? 

Consider the fullness of the curtain. Fullness is generally a balance of the amount of privacy versus the amount of light you want to allow. More fullness will also change how a pattern is displayed. A pattern will be far less visible at 3 times fullness than it would at 2 times. We also recommend varying amounts of fullness depending on the heading type.

Take a good look at your samples at the window you're styling.  

Struggling to choose between your samples? We would be happy to provide you with a full quote of your favourites, so you can see exactly how much each option will cost. 

Can't find exactly what you were looking for?

Please feel free to get in touch and pick our brains! Our experienced staff have unbeatable knowledge of sheer fabrics and will be able to offer extra help. We work with all the major net and voile factories and workrooms in the UK, as well as many of the European ones too. There will be no other companies with a range as big as ours. Net and Voile curtains are our specialities and we put all our effort into having the biggest and best range! 

Why are samples so important?

Ultimately, we want you to be really happy with your curtains!! Matching samples to your colour scheme and having the correct texture is really vital to the overall look.

Additionally, we strive to reduce the transit of multiple deliveries and the overall environmental impact of unsuccessful or unloved orders.

Unfortunately, some products cannot be returned if they're made to order, so it's imperative you are happy with the fabric to avoid disappointment.