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Single, Double & Triple Pinch Pleat

Pinch Pleat heading is available as single pinch pleatdouble pinch pleat or triple pinch pleat and is available on most of our voile and net fabrics.  For the best quality voile we highly recommend selecting your fabric choice from our Boutique range of luxury voile.

When quoting or placing an order for pinch pleat we need to know the following information:

Track/pole width

Preferred Fullness;

Single Pinch: 2x

Double Pinch: 2-2.5x

Triple: 2.5-3x

Standard depth of pinch: 6cm, 8cm or 10cm.

Pinch pleats can be hand made for an additional charge to any depth, if you know what depth you require please let us know. If we hand make the pinch pleats we will need to know the hook positon (how far from the top of the curtain you would like the hook)

How to measure for Pinch Pleat voile sheers/curtains:

When measuring your curtain length for Pinch Pleat sheers we recommend installing your track first. To create optimum stack back ensure the pinch pleat curtain is suspended underneath the track. You will then need to measure from the glider on your track or curtain ring on your pole to where you want the curtain to fall. If you are unable to install your track first, we would need to know the depth of your track to work out how much to deduct off your overall drop to allow for clearance.

If you require a quote for a Pinch Pleat Voile, please do not hesitate to click here so that we can provide you with a non-obligational bespoke quote.  

We would recommend seeing samples prior to requesting a quote or placing an order to make sure that you are happy with your chosen design.  We offer up to 5 samples at a time and these can be ordered from the product pages on the website.  Just look out for the Request A Sample button!

Triple Pinch Pleat

Triple Pinch pleat with matching buttons is the beautiful Liguria Pasture ADO 3132/892 fabric.