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How do I measure my window for curtains? 

For the most accurate measurements we recommend using a metal tape measure and preferably having your pole or track already fitted.

If you are hanging net or voile curtains, these are usually placed inside the recess of the window so that they can sit behind curtains or a blind. 

Virtually all curtains will be hung outside the window recess on a track or a pole, and many people will hang Voile Panels, or Custom Made Voile or Lace curtains on a pole. 


Inside Window Measurements

Measure from left to right within your window frame for the width and measuring from the top of the pole or wire down to where you want the curtain to fall to for the drop


Outside Window Measurements

Measure the width of your track or pole. Ideally your track or pole should extend 15cm either side of your window to allow for optimum stack back


Curtain Drop

Where your curtains fall is a personal preference, but there are generally three places the voiles can sit; window sill, below sill and floor.

The general rule of thumb is to measure from the top of your track or pole, to where you want the curtain to finish.

Please note our standard slot top heading is 4cm with a 1cm stand up. If your rod or pole is wider than a standard tension rod then please do contact us as we would need to create a bespoke slot that is designed to fit your rod or pole. We would need to know the diameter of your pole and provide a quote for this.

For a more accurate and in depth guide please select the heading you require:

2"/3" Pencil Pleat Tape

Single, Double & Triple Pinch Pleat

Tab Top



Box Pleat



Curtain Drop Measuring for a pair of Voiles or Curtains?

To measure your window for a pair of curtains is simple and almost the same process as how to measure for a single curtain as explained above.

Measure the width and drop in the exact same way, but once you have your width measurement divide this by two and then use these two measurements separately when entering into our website for gather options and prices. For example, a 100cm wide window would be halved to 50cm and this would be the number to enter in our calculator, you would then want to select that you want two of these once your gather is chosen.


How do I allow for gather in my Nets & Voiles?

Allowing for gather means the finished curtain size will not be flat to your window and will create soft folds.

We recommend 2.5x gather for all Nets & Voiles, however this is personal preference and you may wish to allow for more or less depending on where your curtains are going. Our website allows you to enter your window measurements directly and then select which option of gather you would like, so there is no need to do the calculation beforehand.



We think 2.5x fullness looks best for most fabrics:

Should I measure in Inches or Centimetres?

Legally, we have to sell your curtains in centimetres so all correspondence and quotes will be sent in this way, however if you would prefer to work in inches then you will see the option to use inches on the website when entering your window sizes. The easy way to convert inches to centimetres is to multiply the inch measurement by 2.54. So for example, four foot is 48 inches or 122cm.