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How to wash Net & Voile Curtains

All Net Curtains, and the majority of our voiles are 100% polyester and because this is a man-made fibre, they can be washed and hung up to dry 

Manufacturers always recommend to hand wash made to measure nets and voiles, and for the best results this will always be the recommended approach. 

Most modern washing machines come with hand wash and delicate cycles with lots of control over temperature, the spin and the rinse.  The advice here is a guide from our experience, but washing and caring for your curtains is ultimately your responsibility so do whatever you are most comfortable with.  

The key point to remember is the better you look after your sheers, the longer they will last! 

 If you have any doubts on how to look after a particular fabric, please contact us for more information.

How should I hand wash my nets and voiles?

-Warm wash at a maximum of 30 degrees, with a ratio of approximately 1 part detergent to 30 parts water. 

-Soak for 10-15 minutes and agitate with your hands.

-Empty the detergent and rinse in more warm water. Continue to re-rinse until the water runs clear.

-Gently wring out the curtains being careful to avoid creasing. You may wish to roll them up in a towel and then press on the towel to soak up excess water.

-Hang the curtains either at the window or on your line, ideally with as little creasing or pegging as possible. 

Very delicate curtains can be washed in the bath using lukewarm water. When doing so the curtains must be completely covered by the water. Leave to soak for 10-20 minutes. Then knead the curtain around in the solution. After washing, hang the curtains while damp. Arrange the folds immediately to avoid formation of creases.

We do not recommend tumble drying your curtains as the excessive heat can destroy the delicate fibres.

If you know that you will need to wash your sheers regularly, then we would recommend a voile rather than a net as the denser weave and higher quality finish is generally harder wearing.