Blackout curtains

Why do you need blackout curtains?

With the arrival of summer, the nights are getting shorter, making it more and more difficult to get a complete 8-hour sleep. Sleep is essential because it allows the body time to restore itself and prepare for another day.

Our solution to help you get a good night’s sleep are blackout curtains. These are a must-have in your bedroom. Your body and mind are naturally inclined to be more restful when we are in the dark, which is why blackout curtains are essential when planning your interior design project. It is not only fashionable, but also functional!

Blackout curtains are made to completely darken up your room, this is because the fabric used is double lined and tightly woven so the only way that light would enter is through gaps.  

Furthermore, these curtains have secondary functions as well, our range help keep rooms cooler over the summer and warmer in the winter, and to dampen sounds which in turn reduces noise pollution. Both functions can assist in improving quality of sleep and in turn quality of life.

For some extra darkness, black out roller blinds provide the same purpose as blackout curtains do. These can be installed in the window recess behind the curtains.

‘’Not getting enough sleep can be linked with many health conditions, I recommend using room darkening curtains, SUCH AS THESE FROM ENHANCED LIVING, to ensure a restful night’s sleep.’’

Blackout vs Block out

The difference between blackout and block out curtains can be hard to distinguish. The simple answer is black out offers the darkest effect, block out offers a level of darkening but also offers noise reduction and are insulating.

Still a bit puzzled?

Blackout curtains have denser fabric this is because their main function is to keep out 100% of the light.

Block out curtains on the other hand, are made out much lighter fabric. They only block out most of the light, they still let some light into the room.

They both have similar secondary purposes such as keeping your room cool in summer and warm in winter, helping you to save on your heating a cooling bills.

Interior design project

Now you understand why blackout curtains are necessary for a good night’s sleep, and so much more!

The next step is choosing the perfect style for your home. This comes down to what colour and style suits your home? What feel are you going for? And what type of fabric you want for your black out curtains? For a neutral feel we have a selection of grey shades and for a more modern and a more summer feel we have floral patterns or light colours such as teal or ochre yellow. You can also accessorize the curtains with cushion covers, curtain rods and tracks for the perfect finish.

Choosing your curtain fabric is only half towards your goal; to get the most out of your blackout curtains, make sure they cover enough of your window to prevent light seepage around the edges.

Children’s room

Young children tend to take naps during the day and get tucked bed early when the sun is still out (especially during summer times). It can become tough to put those bundles of joy to bed if there is too much ambient light after being tucked in!

Although many children need some light to sleep, this should be a warm light such as that given out by a nightlight rather than the sun’s rays.

For children’s bedroom you may prefer colourful curtains for a playful feel, which can pair well with cushion covers for your little one’s room!

To further inspire you, we’ve put together a look for you that will be sure to capture the right look.

Night shift workers

Anyone who has worked night shifts knows how important getting to sleep is the following morning. Irregular sleep patterns and a lack of sleep can lead to an increased risk of certain health conditions and may make it harder to stay healthy in general.

On a hot day with the sun shining, it can be difficult to get to sleep. Blackout curtains can ease this by preventing sunlight reaching the bedroom, keeping the room dark and cool.

Here’s a styling idea that not only looks great but also ensures that you get most light out of the room.

Made to measure

Here at Net Curtains Direct we understand that all windows are different, and everyone has their own preference in how they want to style and how they want their curtains to sit. For a more personalized look our made to measure block out curtains are highly recommended!

With our made to measure blackout curtains you can choose the exact width and drop that you require to cover your window and keep out all that pesky sunlight. We have a large range of different colours and fabrics to choose from for you to create a truly custom curtain.

Be sure to check out our simple measuring guide for made to measures to ensure you order the correct sizes for your window.

Home entertainment

For living spaces, it may be desirable to block out light for a different reason: entertainment. Blackout curtains can add some ambiance to your living spaces that may help you create a ‘home-theatre’ feel for you to enhance your movie or TV watching experience. Prepare some popcorn, close the curtains, dim the lights, and enjoy your favourite flick.

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