Sustainability in interior design

Sustainability in the world of interior design is growing rapidly with the aim to be more kind to the planet. When purchasing new curtains we have many questions to ask ourselves about what type of drapes will be perfect for our space. Often the question that also needs to be on our mind is what are type of curtains are available for more a sustainable home? This is why we have introduced Ado’s recycled voile range for those thriving for a more eco friendly touch to their space.

In the next few sections of this blog we will help you understand what makes these products more eco friendly compared to other synthetic fabrics.

Recycled voiles♻️

We have worked with Ado voiles for over 20 years, this range has always epitomised the highest standard of quality of luxury and elegance. With the launch of the sustainable curtain range, we are now pushing for a more sustainable approach in the world of interior design.

Ado have chosen to begin their sustainability journey through recycled polyester. Here at Net Curtains Direct we acknowledge that synthetic fibres tend to produce a higher energy footprint, Ado value the reduction of less water waste, chemicals and pesticides via this process.  

The range of ado recycled voiles also come in different colours and patterns so you do not have to compromise on how you want your overall style and feel of your room to be. These voiles are also made to measure to your own windows! This makes it more customisable making it a prefect fit and great addition to your home. Just follow our simple measuring guide and get your exact window measurements in no time.

Why choose our new ADO recycled range?

Even though synthetic fibre overall produces a higher energy footprint, but the production of these ado voiles use significantly less water and dyes. Additionally, as synthetic fabrics don’t require cultivation, they are produced without using pesticides or arable land. These voiles are durable and highly washable, the dyes used don’t lose its colour and keep your voiles looking vibrant for many years to come.

Sustainable product care

Like most sustainable products, choosing the correct curtain is half the journey. How we choose to look after curtains afterwards, has environmental implications too. These voiles can be washed using lower temperatures, with most washing machines having an eco/ short wash option this is sufficient enough to get your recycled voiles washed and saves on energy. 30°C is enough for a thorough wash. To dry your voiles a short spin or an air dry is recommended, this saves a lot of energy and avoids damaging. All the additional accessories like curtain hooks need to be removed to avoid further damage.

Popular colours in this range

As mentioned earlier the numerous colour options is to ensure you still get the perfect match for your interior look. We will outline the current colour trends for you along with the settings they function best in. You can order some samples in your choice of colours for first hand look and feel of the textures, colours and patterns of the fabric.


Your room will seem opulent and contemporary with white voile curtains without worrying about the cost. Consider several white hues for your voiles and how they will fit into your interior design project. This colour evokes a sense of simplicity and will automatically make your room look bigger.


The colour blue is a classic hue that is quite upbeat without being garish. Because this trendy colour offers a positive tone to your décor, even a small amount through patterns into your curtain décor may really make a difference in the look of your space.

Sage Green

Sage green voiles adds a minimalistic touch to compliment your room. This shade of green is modern and adds a bit of greenery to your room without having to compromise your privacy. This is a very good alternative to grey voiles as it evokes the same effect as a neutral base with an added flair.


Grey is a very neutral and versatile colour that evokes a sense of class and style in a room. Although it is regarded as a dull colour it can have a positive effect in an interior space. This sophisticated colour can help tone down bright colours to avoid a cluttered look.

Buy with peace of mind that you’re doing your bit to shop consciously.  With no compromise on quality you can easily add eco style to your home. The elegant designs of ADO fabrics not only look and feel beautiful, they protect your home from sunlight and glare whilst providing privacy all year round.

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