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What do you do for sustainability?

At Net Curtains Direct we are passionate about the world we live in and are increasingly aware of the impact we have on our environment. We believe that everyone can make a difference and therefore operate in the most sustainable way that we can.

We are constantly evolving and improving the way in which we work and have complete control over our own actions and processes, but we also work with suppliers and are always pushing them to follow our lead and commit to a cleaner, greener way of working.

Our Eco-Friendly Range

We are taking great steps into the anti-plastic revolution and have introduced an eco-friendly range, which includes a 100% recycled voile and multi-functional, reusable bags for life.



Being an online retailer means that we will always need to send items out to our customers in strong, protective packaging, but we do what we can to reduce the impact that our packaging has on the environment.


- Have run down our stocks of single use plastic postal bags and replaced them with bio-degradable and recycled / recyclable postal bags. This will save an average of 10,000 plastic postal bags a year.

- Are no longer putting our nets into individual plastic bags, within their postal bag. Curtains are now being folded and placed directly into their postal bag, complete with a sticker on each curtain so customers can still easily identify each part of their order. We estimate this will save somewhere in the region of 39,000 clear cellophane bags per year.

- No longer using bubble wrap in our parcels.

- Donate remnants and off cuts to beach cleaning organisations, who use the nets to collect plastic from our beaches and oceans (if you’d like more information about this please contact us).

- Re-Use our off cuts to make Re-Useable Wash Bags and to send as samples thereby reducing waste.



We encourage our suppliers to adopt our own ways of working, for example: replacing their single use plastic when sending out parcels on our behalf. We are even happy to supply them with the biodegradable bags. That’s how passionate we are about making a difference!


Our Team

At head office the whole team is behind our environmental ethos and everyone is encouraged to do their bit for the planet.


 - Are using 100% recycled printer paper

- Print only when absolutely necessary

- Are switching off computers and other equipment when not in use.

- Encourage everyone to walk or cycle to work where practical.

- Only have the lights on when necessary.

- Avoid single use plastic - everyone has reusable water bottles and thermal cups.

- Use bio soap and other environmentally friendly supplies, where possible.


We have lots of plans for the future and look forward to sharing them with you! If you have any questions or comments about our commitment to be a greener company, please contact us on .