Why choose linen curtains for your home?

What is linen fabric?

Linen is a fabric that has been used for centuries to create garments and home furnishings, it’s a natural fabric woven from the fibres of the flax plant, these natural fibres give the distinct quality and texture that is soft and smooth to touch. Linen is lint free and laborious to manufacture but creates heavy duty durable fabric which gets softer with use.

Making linen does not use as many resources as producing other fabrics, nor does it leave behind as many harmful by-products, offering you an Eco alternative to normal fabrics. Organic linen is sold in its natural colour and therefore does not go through the rigorous dyeing process that most fabrics do. This fabric is naturally moth resistant and is easy to care for when used as a window treatment.

Is linen a good fabric for curtains?

Linen is a go to fabric for a classy feel and when made into curtains they have a premium look and drape beautifully, helping to give a special touch to any room.

A minimalistic, clean look can be achieved by hanging linen curtains. Choose dyed linen curtains too add a dash of colour while preserving the simple yet elegant feel that linen curtains evoke. Linen sheer curtains filter just the right amount of light in the room without having to compromise on privacy.

How to wash your linen curtains? Easy, whether you want them dry cleaned or put them in your washing machine you’ll get great results – an added bonus is that they will become softer with each wash.

We recommend using our range of washing care products which are eco friendly and will be delicate to your curtains.

By choosing linen curtains you are opting in for more eco-friendly curtains which will last long, and the colour and fabric together will always evoke a timeless feel because of the never-ending trend.

100% Linen Curtains

Linen is a natural fabric woven from the fibres of the flax plant, these natural fibres give the distinct quality and texture that is soft and smooth to touch. Pure linen curtains will ensure you receive a 100% natural take on sheer curtains. This is the perfect way to introduce an eco-friendly initiative to your interior space. Our 100% linen curtains are made to measure and fire retardant for added functionality.

Keep it Natural

If you want to keep things completely natural and take advantage of the eco benefits of linen, you will want to consider our pure linen curtains which are available in white or cream.


Linen Mix Curtains

 These curtains are a blend of two or more fabrics including linen to create the perfect natural look. They also are soft to the touch and offer a textured and thick appearance, that hang beautifully.


Made to Measure Linen Curtains

Not only do these sheer curtains are made to measure for the perfect fit which is perfect for businesses such as hotels and Airbnb’s as well.


How to measure up for made to measure linen curtains?

This easy step by step will help you measure up for linen curtains that will fit your window perfectly and drape to your preference in curtain looks.

 Step 1:  Measure your track or pole, this should extend 15-30cm on each side of your widow and 15cm above your window.

Step 2: Measure the width and drop in the exact same way, but once you have your width measurement divide this by two and then use these two measurements separately when entering into our website for gather options and prices.

Step 3: Determine the length you want based on whether you want a puddling finish or drapes that brush the floor. Floor-length curtains should be 1.25cm above the floor to allow for simple movement and to maintain the hems.

If you need more help be sure to contact our customer service team at:  hello@netcurtainsdirect.com

Linen Cushions and Linen Tie Backs

To bring the whole look together you can opt in for some cushions which will match your linen curtains and tie backs which will elevate the look even more.


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