Top Tips for Hanging Curtains with Pencil Pleat Tape

Curtain Tape can be quite daunting for a first timer. The excitement of hanging your long awaited curtains can soon dip as soon as the packing is flung open and the reality of pulling fiddly strings and juggling hundreds of hooks sets in. Dont panic! here are our simple Top Tips

  • Knot all strings together on the outer edge of the curtain (the side that will be towards your window frame and wall). There are usually two strings for 2″ Tape. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve skipped this step and pulled the strings out!
  • Hold the loose strings the opposite end and push the tape towards the knotted end. Are you seeing the pleats appear?
  • Draw the tape up until the curtain is your desired width (Usually half the width of the window for a pair).
  • Secure loose ends with a slip knot, this will need untieing for washing one day! Not a boy scout? buy our handy cord tidy! Happy days.
3″ Tape Drawn up into pleats and knotted.
  • Insert hooks every 8-10cm, we recommend 10 hooks for our ready made panels (150cm wide)
  • Top pocket/row for Curtain Poles and our Discreet Curtain track
  • Middle Pocket/row for standard curtain tracks
  • The outer hook should be put through a fixed end stop/glider.

Job Done! Put the kettle on and stand back and admire your handy work!
Kay x

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