TOP 10 Plain Voile Curtains

Plain voile is such a popular choice for many. This is due to its versatility and ability to create privacy and softness to a window subtly. Plain Voile curtains do not over power in style or cut out any needed light. We offer a wide range of plain voiles and cater for all tastes.

Introducing our top 10 best selling plain voile sheer curtains for 2016.




Top 10 Design Colour Hem Style Composition Finish Density Review rating Price from
1 Sapphire White Lead Weighted Polyester Satin 2-Classic sheer 5* £5.70
2 Sapphire Cream Lead Weighted Polyester Satin 2-Classic sheer 5* £5.70
3 Lincoln White Rolled Hem Polyester Matte, Opaque 3-Med Weight 5* £7.60
4 Cumbria White Lead Weighted Polyester Open, Textured 3-Med Weight 5* £6.40
5 Opal FR White Lead Weighted Polyester Satin 2-Classic sheer 5* £10.80
6 Oban White Lead Weighted Polyester Open, Textured 3-Med Weight 5* £12.00
7 Haze Linen Cream Lead Weighted Linen/Poly Matte 3-Med Weight 5* £16.20
8 Haze Linen White Lead Weighted Linen/Poly Matte 3-Med Weight 5* £16.20
9 Casa White Lead Weighted Polyester Matte, Textured 4-Fairly Dense 5* £19.20
10 Portland White Lead Weighted Polyester Satin, Textured 3-Med Weight 4.5* £7.50

Here are our highlights of the key differences…

No.1 Sapphire Plain Voile remains the Queen of all plain voiles, whats not to like? she’s got everything! Plain, subtle, smooth and neat. Sapphire voile matches any interior and is so neutral it is barely there. Sapphire lends its self to both home, home rentals and hotel spaces. Available in both White and Cream.

Sapphire with 1inch heading tape

No.3 Lincoln White Voile Curtain. Unlike the majority, Lincoln Voile offers an attractive rolled hem. We think a rolled hem really has a lovely hand sewn, traditional style which can be a great feature.

Lincoln Hem


NO.5 Opal FR Voile is the Fire Retardant sister of Sapphire, hotels and commercial shoppers look no further…

NO.8 & 9 Haze Voile is our bestselling plain voile with a natural composition of 14% linen. Ideal for those of you styling a nature inspired interior or are looking for natural properties such as breathability, versatility and moisture-wicking. For Nature inspiration, please take a look at our nature trends Natural World and Organic Textures.
Haze Sample

No. 4 & 6 Cumbria Voile and Oban Voile curtains are both very loosely woven and offer lots of texture and light.
Cumbria & Oban Textured Voiles


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You have chosen a great variety of plain voile designs in the top 10 this year. Whether you are after a voile curtain that is fine or heavy, smooth or textured, any budget, both White or Cream, Polyester or Linen, you can find your plain voile curtain at Net Curtains Direct. Use our ‘top 10’ table below for a quick buying guide, everything that you will want to know at a glance. Every voile design in the table is made to measure to the nearest centimetre with a variety of heading styles available.

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