Single, Double & Triple Pinch Pleat Headng

Pinch Pleats provide a luxurious and tailored look to any sheer with minimal dressing required. This heading has permanent pleats that are sewn into position to fit your track or pole width perfectly.These elegant folds flowing from top to bottom create a sophisticated feel to any room.

Pinch Pleat heading is available as Single, Double or Triple pinch and is available on most of our voile fabrics. With making charges starting from as little as £12.95 per metre this heading is one to consider. If you want to add a hint of luxury to your voile sheers why not drop us a line so we can send you a quote!

When quoting or placing an order for pinch pleat we need to know the following information:
Track/pole width
Preferred Fullness;
Single Pinch: 2x
Double Pinch: 2-2.5x
Triple: 2.5-3x
Standard depth of pinch: 6cm, 8cm or 10cm.
Pinch pleats can be hand made for an additional charge to any depth, if you know what depth you require please let us know.
When measuring your curtain length for Pinch Pleat sheers we recommend installing your track first. To create optimum stack back ensure the pinch pleat curtain is suspended underneath the track. You will then need to measure from the glider on your track or curtain ring on your pole to where you want the curtain to fall. If you are unable to install your track first, we would need to know the depth of your track to work out how much to deduct off your overall drop to allow for clearance.
If you find yourself spoilt for choice be inspired by our TRENDS  to help you choose a fabric design. Don’t forget we offer a free sample service so please CLICK HERE to send us your request.
We offer great advice on the phone for any type of project you may have, so please call us on 02380844714 to speak with our friendly customer service team who are always happy to help!

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