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Net Curtains Direct is not just an online store for net curtains, but for all of your window furnishing
needs. From Blackout curtains to Sheer curtains, to curtain poles and tie backs, to drape
alternatives such as Window Films and Blinds.
Curtains are a classic way to decorate your windows, but there are many alternatives. Blinds
and window films are both easy to install and replace, plus they’re less expensive than

What options do I have other than curtains

You have a variety of curtain alternatives to choose from:

  •  Roller Blinds: Roller blinds are made of a fabric which can be rolled up or down vertically to control the amount of light let into the room.
  • Daylight Blinds: A Daylight blind is a type of roller blind that allows the sunlight to filter through the fabric, providing a more natural light into the room. This type of blinds is perfect for people who want to enjoy natural light but also want to protect their privacy.
  •  Roman Blinds: If you’re looking for something that will let light through but still provide privacy, then these are the blind for you! Roman blinds come in many different styles and colours so there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.
  • Venetian blinds: feature horizontal slats which can be rotated to vary the amount of light
  • blocked, and the amount of privacy provided.
  • Louvre blinds: feature vertical panels of fabric or rigid materials. These can be drawn from side to side similar to curtains and the panels collapse to a small size.
  • Window Film: Window films to let light in but also protect you from the sun’s glare. They’re also great for those who have small children or pets and want to keep them out of harm’s way whilst still letting natural light in.


Blinds are one of the most common alternatives to curtains. These come in numerous
variations similar to curtains, be it sheer blinds or blackout. They can be a great option for
those who want to control the light in their room, and can be used as either a privacy device
or as a way to reduce glare and heat from the sun. Some blinds can also be made custom
sized for your windows, so you don’t have to worry about having them not fitting. With the
variety of blinds we offer you can find many styles to suit any room.


Blinds come in many styles and colours, from traditional shades that slide up and down, to
roller shades that roll up and down like shades on a car window. Like curtains, blinds can reduce heat transfer by keeping a cushion of air between the window and blind, they can also help to dampen sound. Different designs are available such as standard roller blinds, Venetian blinds or louvre blinds.

Window Films

Window films are another alternative to traditional drapes. They are plastic films with an
adhesive layer on one side to attach the film directly to a window.

Window films can reduce heat transfer, glare and UV rays although to a lesser extent than
more heavy-duty window furnishings such as blinds or curtains. They’re an alternative to
drapes that can be used in place of shades, too. They are a fantastic choice for adding a
personal touch to a room as they come in many designs. Whether you want a floral design
or a repeating geometric pattern there will be a window film for you.


How to apply a window film to a window

Here are a few easy steps on how to apply your brand new window films!

How to apply static cling window film


There are a number of different curtain alternatives to choose from. Although all options do
have their own benefits, the real choice comes down to personal preference. Blinds offer
more privacy than window films but may require more maintenance and cleaning. Window
films offer less light control than curtains or blinds but once installed you won’t need to touch
them, and they will block up to 99% of UV from damaging your skin and your belongings at
all times.

At Net Curtains Direct we pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all your
window-furnishing needs, whether you want to purchase curtains, blinds, window films or
various accessories. With our wide range of designs and colours for these different options,
we can provide the stylistic choices to perfect your window, and give the finishing touches to
your rooms.

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