15 Helpful Hints for Choosing Beautiful Curtains & Voiles

Hudson Voile Panel
Lets face it, if you have never done it before, choosing curtains & sheers for the first time can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be! To help take away some of the stress and challenges of getting it right first time, here are some great tips to follow to help create a stunning and beautiful finish in your home.

      1. If you have the room, hang your curtains as close to the ceiling and as wide as possible. Your windows will look larger, grander and will still let in plenty of light.
      2. There are no window too large for sheer curtains! let our friendly customer service team advice you which designs are more suitable.
      3. You can combine sheer curtains and heavy curtains on the same window.
      4. Remember to choose curtains that complement the rest of your interior.
      5. Calculate the correct fullness when ordering your curtains. Skimpy curtains lack impact, elegance and coverage. Check our guide on measuring for the correct fullness.
      6. Next to paint, curtains can make the biggest change in a room.
      7. If you have rooms in your home that get direct sunlight, shop for black out curtains which reduce the light entering your home when you don’t want it to.
      8. Not only are sheer curtains beautiful but they are also delicate and elegant.
      9. Light-coloured curtains will create a stunning, intimate atmosphere inside your home.
      10. Bay windows are a beautiful feature so they don’t have to be covered with window treatments. If you’d like to highlight this type of window then why not frame it inside the window.
      11. When dressing windows, little details make a big difference so consider the styles of your net rods, poles and tiebacks to complete your window’s look.
      12. Introduce a pattern to break up a solid colour palette and add visual interest to a room.
      13. Play with texture of materials, so you can add dimension to your room’s design.
      14. Add drama to your room by manipulating the length of your curtains. For a casual, understated look, go for curtains that reach just below the windowsill.
      15. If you’re aiming for a softer, more romantic look choose extra-long voiles that pool on the floor just like our picture above of the beautiful Hudson Voile Panel

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