Working from home (WFH), whether permanently or as part of hybrid working, has become the new normal for many since lockdown, so creating a space which can differentiate a home environment and a work environment is really important. It is essential to create the perfect environment in your home office to work efficiently. A few aspects such as privacy, lighting and temperature are beneficial to consider in making your daily experience the best it can be and to ensure you are performing at your very best. Believe it or not, curtains can control all of these elements for the perfect home office, with the addition of choosing your own style to complement the look and feel of your work space!

Filtering Light and screen glare

Many people who work on their computers all day tend to suffer from eye strain, currently over 65% of employees suffer form this. One way of reducing the risk is by utilizing net and voile curtains as they are an effective way to let natural light into your room and illuminate your workspace but diffuse bright light and help to lessen glare. This works in a way that helps in reducing light reflections on your computer screen, making for a more comfortable experience while spending long times staring at a computer monitor.

Note: To personalise this, and to dim your light further you can choose more width in your curtain to create more gather. For this we would recommend 3x fullness when ordering. Alternatively, to allow for more light, choose less gather at 2x fullness.   


Creating privacy for your valuables

Your home office maybe looking out directly onto the streets, feeling more conscious that your computer and valuables are visible at your window is perfectly normal. Make yourself feel a lot safer by adding sheer curtains to add that extra needed security for your phones, laptops and so much more.

How does this work?…. Net curtains obscure any view into your office making it more difficult to see through your window from the outside. Again, like letting light in, a denser gather or busier pattern can add an extra level of security.

If you are not worried about privacy, you may still want to add net curtains to your home office to avoid distractions from the busy streets outside your home so you can work more efficiently and ensure you have a focused mind.

Dim out and temperature control

To add on to net curtains which will be used for privacy and light diffusing qualities, adding a layer of dim out curtains can be beneficial to your work environment when it is extremely hot, cold or overly bright. These curtains are not only an improvement for your home office, additionally, choosing the right colour may also boost the overall aura of your area and complete the appearance of your office. Try those that are calming rather than forceful. Dark and saturated colours may make a room feel crowded. There are so many subtle tints of every colour that you’ll be sure to discover something that you like.

Here are a few benefits to having Dim out curtains in your office are:

  • Energy saving
  • Room darkening
  • Thermally efficient
  • Noise reduction

Note: The best way to layer Net Curtains with Dim out Curtains for a home office is to hang both separately on individual poles to ensure both can be drawn independently of each other.


As noted above, the best way to layer Net Curtains with Dim out Curtains for a home office is to hang both separately on individual poles. For net curtains we recommend a slot top heading to slide onto an easy-to-fit tension rod and hang inside your window recess.

For Dim out Curtains, we recommend you to choose a curtain pole to fix to the outside of your window, over lapping a generous amount to eliminate light seepage from the sides. The curtain pole is available in different colours to fit your chosen aesthetic.

We offer a full extensive range of net curtains and dim out curtains to cater for every style and for the various functional needs for your home office to ensure you can optimise your work environment at home.

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