Can net curtains be used for a modern look?

Net curtains, aka “film” or “envelope” curtains, are a type of window treatment that’s gaining popularity. In the past, they were primarily used in Victorian homes and cheap motels. But that’s no longer the case, say interior designers who are finding new ways to use these hard-working window coverings. Let’s take a look at how you can update your home with modern net curtains:

“I think net curtains have gotten a bad rap over the years,” says Wendy Leaver of Leaver Design Associates. “The classic image is of a cheap motel or maybe even an old lady’s home—that’s the impression that people get when they see them.”

Net curtains have come a long way, and in the past, they were only available in a stiff, unwieldy fabric. Today there are sheer versions that come in an array of natural fibres like silk and linen. And beyond that, new high-tech fabrics have been developed specifically for net curtains making them more modern and sophisticated than ever before.

Why should you choose net curtains for your homes?

You don’t have to put up with cold drafts – or live with obvious vinyl blinds – to protect what’s inside your home. Net curtains will do the job, and they’ll add a touch of class to any room you choose.

  • They can be used to block light from outside entering through windows
  • They can be used to block noise from outside entering your home if you’re trying to catch some sleep during a busy day
  • They can also act as an effective sound barrier between rooms in your home if one person wants quiet while another prefers music or TV noise.


Net curtains for the minimalistic look

There is a way to go ultra-minimalist with your window treatments while still maintaining a sense of privacy and flow between inside and out.

This style is best suited to those who want their home’s design to be sleek, clean and modern. If you love minimalism or have been considering updating your home but aren’t quite sure how, this could be the perfect style for you! The important thing is that they fit the window perfectly so no light shines through at night when it should be dark inside – which brings us onto our next point…

Create a soft glow & make rooms more restful.

A layer of sheer fabric at the window can minimize the direct sunlight that comes in, creating a soft glow and making rooms more restful.

Having a layer of sheer fabric at the window can actually make your room feel calmer and more tranquil. The gentle light from outside will still come through but it won’t be harsh or glaring as it would be if you didn’t have any curtains at all.

In addition to this, sheers are very effective at keeping out privacy when needed because they’re thin enough to see through them but thick enough to keep people from seeing into your home easily. This means that they’re perfect for families with young children or pets who don’t want strangers looking in on them while they play in their yards or sleep indoors respectively!

Our express net curtains and made to measure net curtains

Our ‘Express net curtains’ are available in set drops and cut to your desired width. The set drops are standard window drops. You can choose your desired gather, these all come with unfinished sides and slot top heading. 

Our ‘Made to measure net curtains’ are made completely to your required width and drop, perfect for ‘non-standard’ window sizes. With made to measure you can choose your gather, heading type and have the sides finished to avoid fraying. 

Sample Request

Choosing the right fabric for your sheer curtains can be a big decision and it is really beneficial to colour match in the natural light of the room intended. At Net Curtains Direct we offer a sample service on all of our made-to-measure Nets & Voiles, dispatched directly to your home or office address within 1-2 working days, subject to availability. 

 How to Request your Samples 

 Simply add the samples to your shopping basket from the individual product page and checkout.

 Choose up to five samples at any one time. We have a huge fabric range to select from, let the filters guide you in the right direction. 

So, the answer is yes!

Net curtains can be modern. In fact, they’re one of the most versatile window treatments out there!

You can use them in so many ways: to add privacy, to soften light and create ambiance, or even just for decoration. They look great in any style of home—whether yours is traditional or modern—and they work well with any type of window, whether it’s a double-hung wooden window or a sliding glass door. Net curtains also make an excellent choice for rooms as diverse as kitchens (for privacy), bedrooms (to create a comfortable sleeping space), bathrooms (to add softness), living rooms and dining rooms (to brighten up flat surfaces) and hallways (to decorate).

In a nutshell, a layer of sheer fabric at the window can minimize the direct sunlight that comes in, creating a soft glow and making rooms more restful. Net curtains are also great because they allow you to see through them while still providing privacy. They’re perfect for bedrooms, living rooms or other areas where you want light but don’t want anyone outside looking in!

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