Best Of British Sheer Net & Voile Curtains, Made in the UK

Our Queen celebrates her 90th Birthday this month, so we thought it’s a great time to celebrate all that is British, and what makes us proud to buy and sell British made and British sewn products. Here at Net Curtains Direct we are proud to offer a variety of British made sheer curtains. We are passionate about our curtain making heritage here in the UK and value our home grown talent. We live in an age where provenance and sustainability are the first considerations when choosing products for our home and notice it is important to offer a great selection to our customers. We offer a variety of British made options here at NCD, from fine Nottingham Lace and luxury Madras woven in Ayrshire, to our extensive range of custom made curtains sewn in our vast Nottingham workrooms, and our British sewn ready made panels made in Northampton. We’ll take you through some of the highlights our range below.

Morton, Young and Borland Lace & Madras
Net Curtains Direct are delighted to retail the stunning range of vintage lace panels by MYB Textiles, otherwise known as Morton Young & Borland. MYB Textiles is now the only producer in the world manufacturing patterned lace with original Nottingham Lace Looms, some of which are over 90 years old and up to 1220cms wide. This manufacturing process is extremely labour intensive. The looms run at a very slow, controlled pace so as to give a high level of quality control: this attention to detail gives the product its niche, and is something to be really proud of. We have two ranges showcasing MYB, both their luxury Lace and Madras curtains, but also our exclusive range of end of line lace, with discounts of up to 50% off.
Custom Made Sheer Curtains Sewn in England
In addition to our MYB lace collection, the majority of our Made to measure Voile Curtain range are custom sewn in the heart of textile Britain, around Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, and made to the highest standard. We have huge workrooms here, many in the same buildings as the original Nottingham Lace mills. As the years have gone by, no net or voile is being manufacturer in the UK anymore, but instead the workrooms have turned to custom sewing the materials, turning the fabrics into curtains. With out fully custom made service you can be sure that you will get your sizes exact within the smallest of tolerances. Typically our UK custom made curtains can be delivered between 7 and 14 days, no matter the sizes and quantities required.
Ready Made Sheer Panels, Sewn in Northampton
Over the years, the biggest change in curtain manufacturing has been the explosion of mass-produced Asian made ready made panels. These are incredibly popular for us, as they offer something very appealing; a wide range of ready made items with fantastic value. That is why we can offer ready made voile panels from as little as £3.95 and string curtains from £4.85 in a variety of colours and styles. Whilst this is great for value and allows a quick and easy way to change the look of your room with very little outlay, there are times, that windows and rooms deserve something more. Our range of Pavilion Voile Panels are all individually sewn in Northampton, and include simple plain voiles from around £10. For a product that will last in your home for many years it is still fantastic value. All of these panels also come with a multi-purpose heading take, suitable for rods, wire, tracks and curtain poles. This range contains some lovely textures too, with some including natural cotton and linen fibres for a more luxurious feel. As the curtains are made here in the UK, we also offer ‘double width’ panels of 290cm wide rather than the standard 150cm. Perhaps the biggest bonus of all, is that the Pavilion Voile Panels are nearly all available in drops up to 330cm / 130″, and they can be altered down to any size. You can even buy the fabric on its own, and have the full made to measure service. Something you will definitely NOT get, with panels made overseas.
So to summarise, there are a number of benefits of buying British, you will notice a superior accuracy in size and detailing compared to mass produced panels made in the far east. The lead time is significantly quicker than custom made curtains from Europe, and you can experience the high end luxury and tradition of Nottingham lace. Buying British gives us all that undeniable feel-good factor and it is a great opportunity to support the British economy. Not forgetting the most important reason of course, it’s her Majesty’s big Birthday this year and we are feeling very patriotic! Happy Birthday Ma’am!
We are confident that you will find the curtain for you. Please feel free to chat to our customer service team and order any samples to help any decision making. We are constantly sourcing new British products too, so please keep an eye out!
thumb-nail-imageWhen shopping on our site, look out for our ‘Sewn in Britain’ badge on the product photos, plus we also list the manufacturing country on the product page too. You can view our full Best of British made sheer curtains range here.

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