Child Safety

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Child Safety Legislation with Corded Tracks
The Child Safety legislation is applicable to all homes, public buildings and any other premises where babies and young children aged 0-42 months are likely to be present. Example are homes, hotels, hospitals, shops, schools and any public place.
All our cord drawn products comply with current child safety legislation.
Retail packed Cord Drawn Products
Cord pull lengths will be 100cm by default, If you cut down the track the cord length will then be longer it is then your responsibility to ensure the cord meets with this legislation.
Made to Order Cord Drawn Products
To ensure your corded track meets the Child Safety legislation we require the full installation height, this measurement must be taken from where you are installing the track to the floor. We will then deduct 150cm from this measurement, to ensure the cord complies with this legislation it legally must be 150cm off the floor.
For example; If your installation height is 250cm deduct 150cm will give you a cord length of 100cm.
This legislation applies to everyone including the manufacturer, designer, maker, supplier or installer.

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