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A Guide to Hanging Eyelet Curtain

You’ve measured, chosen designs and ordered your curtains.   

Now comes the exciting part – putting them up! If your curtains have been made with an Eyelet heading, follow this easy step-by-step guide to get the perfect finish. 

Lay out your curtains on a table or over an ironing board with the right side (front) of the curtain facing down.  

Gather the eyelets up in your hands, pairing up the eyelets as you go.  Ensure that both outer edges face towards you when folding. If you hang a pair of curtains repeat the process with the other curtain. 

Remove the pole from its brackets and place through the gathered eyelets. Repeat with the second curtain if you have a pair.  Ensure that they both face the same way, with the end fold turning towards the wall. 

Place the pole back onto brackets ensuring that the last eyelet is past the end bracket and sits between the bracket and finial.   This will act as an anchor to stop the curtains creeping to the centre of the pole when drawn.  If your curtains are slightly fuller than you would like, you can leave more than one eyelet in this space.  They will still look nicely dressed when open. 

They may need a bit of tweaking and dressing once they are hung. 

That’s the hard work finished, now sit down with a cuppa and admire! 



1.5 - 2.25x fullness will give your eyelets the perfect look and spacing. 

Eyelet curtains are not ideal for use with a broader pole that has a chunky centre bracket. The curtains will not be able to meet in the middle, causing a gap and light to show through.