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A Guide to Hanging a Pinch Pleat Curtains

You’ve measured, chosen designs and ordered your curtains.   

Now comes the exciting part – putting them up! If your curtains have been made with a buckram pinch pleat heading, follow this easy step-by-step guide to get the perfect finish. 

Lay out your curtains on a table or over an ironing board with the right side (front) of the curtain facing down.  

Ensure you have the correct number of Rings or gliders to match the number of pleats on your curtain. 

Using a tape measure, work out the hook drop from the top of the pleat to where the hook space sits. Insert a pin hook into the stitching of the pleat to match this on every pleat. 

Some pinch pleats have a sliding hook fitting.  This slides one way, top to bottom.  Set the hook as above using a tape measure as a guide.  If you do not have a tape measure handy make a template on a piece of card.  

Place each hook into each curtain glider or ring.  Make sure you use the anchor hook at the end of the curtain if using a track, or first ring which should be positioned on the pole between the finial and bracket, to stop the curtain creeping along the track or pole. 

That’s the hard work finished, now sit down with a cuppa and admire! 


Top Tip: 

Once hanging in the correct position gather the pleats together pushing the curtain between each pleat towards the window, so they stack neatly.  Loosely tie these with ribbon or a strip of rag and let them sit for a few hours to dress them in.  This can be helped with gentle steaming.