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Voile Jardinieres

Jardiniéres (pronounced 'Jar-din-iere') are 'arch' shaped sheer curtains that can be made from both Net and Voile. The beauties of jardiniéres are the dual benefits of both privacy and access to your window sill. The majority of our collection has a coordinating straight curtain available to mix and match to suit your home. Widths are available in set arch sizes but most drops can be made to the nearest centimetre.

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  • Melissa Macrama White Jardiniere

    Melissa Macrama White Jardiniere

    From: £59.30
  • Adele White Jardiniere

    Adele White Jardiniere

    From: £61.45
  • Amelia White Jardiniere

    Amelia White Jardiniere

    From: £53.85
  • Amie White Jardiniere

    Amie White Jardiniere

    From: £62.30
  • Balmoral White Jardiniere

    Balmoral White Jardiniere

    From: £79.10
  • Eva White Jardiniere

    Eva White Jardiniere

    From: £56.20
  • Kara White Jardiniere

    Kara White Jardiniere

    From: £59.40
  • Liberty White Jardiniere

    Liberty White Jardiniere

    From: £59.30
  • Lydia White Jardiniere

    Lydia White Jardiniere

    From: £59.30
  • Bloomsbury Macrame White Jardiniere

    Bloomsbury Macrame White Jardiniere

    From: £54.65
  • Gloucester White Net Jardiniere

    Gloucester White Net Jardiniere

    From: £49.00
  • Bloomsbury Macrame Cream Jardiniere

    Bloomsbury Macrame Cream Jardiniere

    From: £54.65
  • Melissa Macrama Cream Jardiniere

    Melissa Macrama Cream Jardiniere

    From: £59.30

13 Item(s)

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