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Made to Measure Tracks

All of our Silent Gliss Tracks are available as Made to Measure. Online, these tracks are available to buy from 125cm - 600cm in 25cm increments. If you require an in-between size simply purchase the next size up and add a note in the 'Comments' box at checkout specifying the exact size you need. There is no additional charge for this in our Silent Gliss range. Other information we require when ordering a made to measure track:

 Curtain Stack:

Please let us know if you have a single curtain pulled to the left or right or if you have a pair of curtains - With this information we can ensure your track is correctly set up for easy installation.

Additional Products:

Please let us know if you require additional accessories such as wall brackets, ceiling clamp, extension brackets, overlap arm, extra gliders or end stops. All additional products are available upon request.


All of the below tracks can be bent for bay windows. Please send us a drawn diagram of your bay window making sure all measurements, including angles are clearly stated so we can put together a bespoke quote for you. Please email

PDF Specification sheet available up on request.

Corded Systems only:

Installation height:

This measurement is required to ensure your track meets with health and safety regulation. Please take the measurement from where you are installing the track to the floor. This will ensure the cord length is 150cm off the floor.

Cord placement:

Left, Right or Both


Child Safety Legislation with Corded Tracks

The Child Safety legislation is applicable to all homes, public buildings and any other premises where babies and young children aged 0-42 months are likely to be present. Example are homes, hotels, hospitals, shops, schools and any public place.

All our cord drawn products comply with current child safety legislation.

Retail packed Cord Drawn Products:

Cord pull lengths will be 100cm by default, If you cut down the track the cord length will then be longer it is then your responsibility to ensure the cord meets with this legislation.

Made to Order Cord Drawn Products:

To ensure your corded track meets the Child Safety legislation we require the full installation height, this measurement must be taken from where you are installing the track to the floor. We will then deduct 150cm from this measurement, to ensure the cord complies with this legislation it legally must be 150cm off the floor.

For example; If your installation height is 250cm deduct 150cm will give you a cord length of 100cm.

This legislation applies to everyone including the manufacturer, designer, maker, supplier or installer.


Silent Gliss 1090 System

Silent Gliss 1080 System

Silent Gliss 1003 System Metrople

Silent Gliss 3840W 60mm & 80mm System

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