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Mason White Net Complete Roll

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Plain, fresh white net with a 27cm/10.5" deep border featuring 3 horizontal textured stripes, available by the roll.

If you are a hotel or large organisation and require large quantities please contact us directly for a bespoke quote tailor made to your exact requirements.


Plain, fresh white net with a 27cm/10.5" deep border featuring 3 horizontal textured stripes, available by the roll.

If you are a hotel or large organisation and require large quantities please contact us directly for a bespoke quote tailor made to your exact requirements.

Available in 11 standard drops. Please note drops are approximate and there can be a +/- 25mm tolerance.

Heading: Slot top heading - for use with wire or a telescopic or tension rod.

Sides: No hemming required, can be easily cut with scissors and hung to suit your multiple window widths.

Size: Sold by the complete Roll - Meterage is approximate and there is a 10% tolerance with regards to the quantity on a roll.

Washing Care: For the best care, hand wash, rinse and drip dry. If machine washing, use a hand wash cycle. 

Note: This net has been photographed on a blue back drop.

All complete rolls are sold unchecked and may contain flaws, however this should be made up for in the meterage. Any flaws within the rolls will be clearly marked. If you would like us to check the fabric before dispatch please order from our express net range. Complete rolls are non-returnable unless they are returned in their original packaging and in an unused condition. Please note that due to the nature of the fabric, there can be a tolerance of up to 25mm+/- in the drop. Please always remember to check the roll before cutting. This does not affect your statutory rights.


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Complete Roll
MR106-1 StyleContemporary, Striped
MR106-1 Drop TypeVarious Set Drops
MR106-1 Heading TypeSlot Top
MR106-1 ColourWhite
MR106-1 Washing CareHand Wash
MR106-1 Composition100% Polyester
MR106-1 Density3 - Medium Weight
MR106-1 Hem StylePlain, Unleaded
MR106-1 ReturnableNo
MR106-1 Ready for Despatch in5-7 Days
MR106-2 StyleContemporary, Striped
MR106-2 Drop TypeVarious Set Drops
MR106-2 Heading TypeSlot Top
MR106-2 ColourWhite
MR106-2 Washing CareHand Wash
MR106-2 Composition100% Polyester
MR106-2 Density3 - Medium Weight
MR106-2 Hem StylePlain, Unleaded
MR106-2 ReturnableNo
MR106-2 Ready for Despatch in5-7 Days
MR106-3 StyleContemporary, Striped
MR106-3 Drop TypeVarious Set Drops
MR106-3 Heading TypeSlot Top
MR106-3 ColourWhite
MR106-3 Washing CareHand Wash
MR106-3 Composition100% Polyester
MR106-3 Density3 - Medium Weight
MR106-3 Hem StylePlain, Unleaded
MR106-3 ReturnableNo
MR106-3 Ready for Despatch in5-7 Days
MR106-4 StyleContemporary, Striped
MR106-4 Drop TypeVarious Set Drops
MR106-4 Heading TypeSlot Top
MR106-4 ColourWhite
MR106-4 Washing CareHand Wash
MR106-4 Composition100% Polyester
MR106-4 Density3 - Medium Weight
MR106-4 Hem StylePlain, Unleaded
MR106-4 ReturnableNo
MR106-4 Ready for Despatch in5-7 Days
MR106-5 StyleContemporary, Striped
MR106-5 Drop TypeVarious Set Drops
MR106-5 Heading TypeSlot Top
MR106-5 ColourWhite
MR106-5 Washing CareHand Wash
MR106-5 Composition100% Polyester
MR106-5 Density3 - Medium Weight
MR106-5 Hem StylePlain, Unleaded
MR106-5 ReturnableNo
MR106-5 Ready for Despatch in5-7 Days
MR106-6 StyleContemporary, Striped
MR106-6 Drop TypeVarious Set Drops
MR106-6 Heading TypeSlot Top
MR106-6 ColourWhite
MR106-6 Washing CareHand Wash
MR106-6 Composition100% Polyester
MR106-6 Density3 - Medium Weight
MR106-6 Hem StylePlain, Unleaded
MR106-6 ReturnableNo
MR106-6 Ready for Despatch in5-7 Days
MR106-7 StyleContemporary, Striped
MR106-7 Drop TypeVarious Set DropsVarious Set Drops
MR106-7 Heading TypeSlot Top
MR106-7 ColourWhite
MR106-7 Washing CareHand Wash
MR106-7 Composition100% Polyester
MR106-7 Density3 - Medium Weight
MR106-7 Hem StylePlain, Unleaded
MR106-7 ReturnableNo
MR106-7 Ready for Despatch in5-7 Days
MR106-8 StyleContemporary, Striped
MR106-8 Drop TypeVarious Set Drops
MR106-8 Heading TypeSlot Top
MR106-8 ColourWhite
MR106-8 Washing CareHand Wash
MR106-8 Composition100% Polyester
MR106-8 Density3 - Medium Weight
MR106-8 Hem StylePlain, Unleaded
MR106-8 ReturnableNo
MR106-8 Ready for Despatch in5-7 Days
MR106-9 StyleContemporary, Striped
MR106-9 Drop TypeVarious Set Drops
MR106-9 Heading TypeSlot Top
MR106-9 ColourWhite
MR106-9 Washing CareHand Wash
MR106-9 Composition100% Polyester
MR106-9 Density3 - Medium Weight
MR106-9 Hem StylePlain, Unleaded
MR106-9 ReturnableNo
MR106-9 Ready for Despatch in5-7 Days
MR106-10 StyleContemporary, Striped
MR106-10 Drop TypeVarious Set Drops
MR106-10 Heading TypeSlot Top
MR106-10 ColourWhite
MR106-10 Washing CareHand Wash
MR106-10 Composition100% Polyester
MR106-10 Density3 - Medium Weight
MR106-10 Hem StylePlain, Unleaded
MR106-10 ReturnableNo
MR106-10 Ready for Despatch in5-7 Days
MR106-11 StyleContemporary, Striped
MR106-11 Drop TypeVarious Set Drops
MR106-11 Heading TypeSlot Top
MR106-11 ColourWhite
MR106-11 Washing CareHand Wash
MR106-11 Composition100% Polyester
MR106-11 Density3 - Medium Weight
MR106-11 Hem StylePlain, Unleaded
MR106-11 ReturnableNo
MR106-11 Ready for Despatch in5-7 Days
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