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  • Measuring Guide

    How do I measure my window for curtains? 

    For the most accurate measurements we recommend using a metal tape measure and preferably having your pole or track already fitted.

    If you are hanging net or voile curtains, these are usually placed inside the recess of the window so that they can sit behind curtains or a blind. 

    Virtually all curtains will be hung outside the window recess on a track or a pole, and many people will hang Voile Panels, or Custom Made Voile or Lace curtains on a pole. 


    Inside Window Measurements

    Measure from left to right within your window frame for the width and measuring from the top of the pole or wire down to where you want the curtain to fall to for the drop


    Measure from left to right and top to bottom


    Outside Window Measurements   

     Measure the width of your track or pole. Ideally your track or pole should extend 15cm either side of your window to allow for optimum stack back

    Curtain pole placed outside the window frame

    Curtain Drop

    Where your curtains fall is a personal preference, but there are generally three places the voiles can sit; window sill, below sill and floor.

    The general rule of thumb is to measure from the top of your track or pole, to where you want the curtain to finish.

    Please note our standard slot top heading is 4cm with a 1cm stand up. If your rod or pole is wider than a standard tension rod then please do contact us as we would need to create a bespoke slot that is designed to fit your rod or pole. We would need to know the diameter of your pole and provide a quote for this.

    For a more accurate and in depth guide please select the heading you require:

    2"/3" Pencil Pleat Tape

    Single, Double & Triple Pinch Pleat

    Tab Top



    Box Pleat


    Where to measure for the drop of curtains



    Curtain Drop Measuring for a pair of Voiles or Curtains?

    To measure your window for a pair of curtains is simple and almost the same process as how to measure for a single curtain as explained above.

    Measure the width and drop in the exact same way, but once you have your width measurement divide this by two and then use these two measurements separately when entering into our website for gather options and prices. For example, a 100cm wide window would be halved to 50cm and this would be the number to enter in our calculator, you would then want to select that you want two of these once your gather is chosen.


    How do I allow for gather in my Nets & Voiles?

    Allowing for gather means the finished curtain size will not be flat to your window and will create soft folds.

    We recommend 2.5x gather for all Nets & Voiles, however this is personal preference and you may wish to allow for more or less depending on where your curtains are going. Our website allows you to enter your window measurements directly and then select which option of gather you would like, so there is no need to do the calculation beforehand.


    Different fullness for net and voile curtains



    We think 2.5x fullness looks best for most fabrics

    Different fullness for net and voile curtains

     Should I measure in Inches or Centimetres?

    Legally, we have to sell your curtains in centimetres so all correspondence and quotes will be sent in this way, however if you would prefer to work in inches then you will see the option to use inches on the website when entering your window sizes. The easy way to convert inches to centimetres is to multiply the inch measurement by 2.54. So for example, four foot is 48 inches or 122cm.

    Measuring Guide

  • Header Types

    We offer a wide range of header types to suit all windows and styles. 

    All of Our Express Nets and Voiles come with a standard Slot Top designed to accommodate a Net Wire, Net Rod or Tension Rod. 

    Our custom made nets and voiles have the option for a Pencil Pleat header tape compatible for use with curtain hooks and tracks or poles. 

    We can also provide bespoke quotes for other header types such as Eyelets, Pinch Pleat, Velcro and Wave headers. If you require one of these headers please do email us for a bespoke quote, We would also strongly recommend seeing samples of the fabrics prior to requesting a quote to ensure that you are happy with your chosen fabric as anything custom made is fully non-returnable.

  • Bespoke Headings

    Make your house your home with our wide range of bespoke headings from classic slot top and pencil pleat tape to contemporary eyelet, tab top, box pleat and wave. Enjoy experimenting with different styles to create different looks, we have a heading to suit all interiors and tastes! Click on each of the tabs below to explore the different options we have available to you. If you find yourself spoilt for choice BE INSPIRED by our Trends to help you decide. Do not forget our friendly customer service team are always on hand to help with any questions you have. Pinch Pleats provide a luxurious and tailored look to any Voile or Net with minimal dressing required. This heading has permanent pleats that are sewn into position to fit your track or pole width perfectly. These elegant folds flowing from top to bottom create a sophisticated feel to any room. Create a simple elegant look with wave voile sheers, creating a smooth continues wave from the top to the very bottom of your curtain. This contemporary design requires no dressing at all to create perfect waves, as the track does all the work for you. Tab Tops provide you with a less formal and modern look to any Voile or Net at your window. This heading has tabs equally spaced apart and sewn at the very top of the curtain in either the same or a contrasting fabric. Add an elegant addition with one of our luxury roman blinds at your window. These beautiful blinds add softness to any room and draw up in to flawless pleats when open. Eyelet provides you with a smart and contemporary finish with soft pleats running vertically down the fabric creating simple and clear lines. This style creates a wave effect with deep folds running from top to bottom of the curtain. Add a dramatic feature to your windows with a bold print creating a modern feel with our eyelet heading. Achieve a professional and tailored look with Box Pleat heading, the fixed structured pleats create vertical folds from the very top to the bottom of the curtain. This finish looks stunning with a single flat panel but due to the flat finish of this style, there is not a lot of space for stack back. If using a pair at one window. These a better draped back with tie backs or hold backs, to maximise light. Pencil Pleat Tape is a very popular and traditional heading type and is supplied un-pulled. Before you start to hang your curtains ensure the threads are tied at each end then pull the threads to the width of your window, if you have a pair at the window you will need to pull it half the width only. Evenly space each pleat and dress at your window.

  • Box Pleat Heading

    There are two ways the box pleat heading can be made, either with a 3” depth tape, which dictates standard size and spacing, or hand made with a bespoke spacing.

    When quoting or placing an order for box pleat heading we need to know the following information:

    Track Width 

    Required Fullness: 2.5x

    How to measure for Box Pleat voile sheers/curtains:

    When measuring your length for box pleat sheers we recommend installing your track first. Measure from where you want the curtain to start to where you want it to finish.

    If you require a quote for a Box Pleat Voile, please do not hesitate to email us on for a non-obligational quote. 

    We offer a free sample service click here  to let us know your request you can select 5 free of charge.

  • How to wash Net & Voile Curtains

    All Net Curtains, and the majority of our voiles are 100% polyester and because this is a man-made fibre, they can be washed and hung up to dry 

    Manufacturers always recommend to hand wash made to measure nets and voiles, and for the best results this will always be the recommended approach. 

    Most modern washing machines come with hand wash and delicate cycles with lots of control over temperature, the spin and the rinse.  The advice here is a guide from our experience, but washing and caring for your curtains is ultimately your responsibility so do whatever you are most comfortable with.  

    The key point to remember is the better you look after your sheers, the longer they will last! 

     If you have any doubts on how to look after a particular fabric, please contact us for more information.

    How should I hand wash my nets and voiles?

    -Warm wash at a maximum of 30 degrees, with a ratio of approximately 1 part detergent to 30 parts water. 

    -Soak for 10-15 minutes and agitate with your hands.

    -Empty the detergent and rinse in more warm water. Continue to re-rinse until the water runs clear.

    -Gently wring out the curtains being careful to avoid creasing. You may wish to roll them up in a towel and then press on the towel to soak up excess water.

    -Hang the curtains either at the window or on your line, ideally with as little creasing or pegging as possible. 

    Very delicate curtains can be washed in the bath using lukewarm water. When doing so the curtains must be completely covered by the water. Leave to soak for 10-20 minutes. Then knead the curtain around in the solution. After washing, hang the curtains while damp. Arrange the folds immediately to avoid formation of creases.

    We do not recommend tumble drying your curtains as the excessive heat can destroy the delicate fibres.

    If you know that you will need to wash your sheers regularly, then we would recommend a voile rather than a net as the denser weave and higher quality finish is generally harder wearing. 

  • What is Fullness & Gather in a Curtain?

    When we speak of gather and fullness, we are talking about the width of material in each curtain. You may notice that most window curtains do not lie flat. Traditionally nets, voiles and curtains are hung so that they fall into soft folds. 

    The folds, also known as 'Gather' or 'Fullness' are created by increasing your width 2x to 3x your flat window reveal size. 

    Gather provides greater privacy and insulation as well as for aesthetic reasons. 

    If you prefer a flat panel against the window, you can select 'Flat' as the gather.

  • What is the difference between Nets & Voiles?

    The difference between Net curtains and Voile curtains is in the construction. 

    Net Curtains are generally knitted, often with a coarse yarn and mainly in white or cream. 

    Voiles are woven giving a finer but more robust fabric and because of this will take a lot of embellishment, often with different coloured yarns.


  • How do I return an item?

    Our Returns Policy

    Any item that has been custom made, made to order or cut to your required width/length is non-returnable 

    If you change your mind about a pre-packaged, hardware or ready-made product that has not been customised in any way we offer a very simple no quibble returns policy:

    Simply post the item back to our distribution office;

    RETURNS *Insert Order Number*

    Net Curtains Direct

    C/O Green Snow Limited

    Unit 15-17

    Mortimers Industrial Estate


    SO51 6AF


    -You contact us within 14 days of receiving your order.

    -The items are returned to us within 30 days of receiving your request to return

    -The items are returned to us in perfect condition and packed back in their original packaging so that the item is re-sellable. 

    -Postage labels must be attached to our packaging (i.e A mailing bag or brown paper) and not the packaging that is specific to the item as this renders it damaged and not re-sellable 

    -We recommend using a tracked service when sending items back to us 

    A refund may be denied if the item specific packaging is damaged

    We are sorry but no postage costs will be refunded unless and item is faulty. 

    Hardware & Ready-Made Products

    Products that fall under this category and are returnable as follows; 

    -Ready-Made curtains

    -Ready-Made Net & Voile Panels

    -Ready-Made Blinds

    -Unopened complete rolls of Net & Voiles

    -All Accessories that have not been customised

    -Any other item that is a pre-made product that is not cut, made to order or customised in any way before despatch

    PLEASE NOTE: This excludes any ready made panel that has been customised, such as an altered drop or heading, track or pole cut to length and any Custom Made, Express or Made to Order items. As soon as a ready made product is customised, it is treated as a fully bespoke order and is non-returnable. Any Ready-Made, Made to Order or Hardware Item that has been altered by yourself or anyone action your behalf is not returnable.

    *Please be aware, items (such as tracks, poles and blinds) over 120cm will incur significant return postage costs as they cannot be sent via Royal Mail or My Hermes. 

    We can arrange a courier collection from your selected address for long length items. Please contact us if you would like us to provide a quote for this for you, this can either be paid for upfront or deducted from your refund. Please be aware that you would need to ensure that these items are packed suitably for the courier to collect.

    Please make sure the item is not visibly open, damaged, marked in any way with pen or grease, washed, smells of smoke or washing powder, or is in any condition that we deem renders the item unsaleable. 

    The customer is responsible for the item being returned to us so please make sure you take adequate steps to ensure the security of the contents during transit back. We cannot be held responsible for exchange or refund is reasonable steps are not taken. All items must be returned with all relevant swing tags, labelling, branding, packaging, inner packaging and any accompanying marketing material specific to the item.

    The items must be in their original condition and will be inspected once we have received them. The extent to which you can handle the goods is the same as it would be if you were assessing them in a shop.

    Cut (Express), Custom Made & Made to Order

    When an order is cut or sewn to your specifications from our express or custom made range this then make the product non-returnable. This is also applicable to our Made to Order products and any tracks of poles that have been cut to the length requested. We therefore cannot accept returns due to personal taste or mistakes with incorrect sizes on any made to measure, made to order or cut to order item.

    Products that fall under this category are as follows:

    -Custom made Net & Voile curtains

    -Any Express Net & Voile curtains (all are cut from the roll to the desired widths)

    -Made to measure curtains

    -Cut lengths of any fabric only 

    -Custom Made Jardinieres 

    -String curtains (Made to Order or Custom Made)

    -Wire cut to size

    -the majority of our Tracks & Poles are non returnable. Please contact Customer Service to find out more

    -Any Bespoke product made from fabric including tie backs. 

    -Any ready made item, such as a voile panel that has been customised. This includes alerting the drop or changing the heading

    -All Made to Order curtains.

    Faulty Orders or Items

    If you believe your order to be faulty or measuring outside of tolerance you may be entitled to a replacement or full refund providing that:

    -You contact us within 7 days of receiving your order. 

    -Comply with the procedure set out below

    Once we receive notification from you: 

    - You will be asked to provide photographic evidence of any fault or issue, so that we can resolve the error as quickly as possible with our workroom.  We will advise as to what photos are required depending on the issue. 

    - It is highly likely that we will request that items are returned to us for assessment by our workroom (we may provide you with a pre paid returns label if in the UK). 

    Items need to be received by us within 30 days of receiving your request to return the faulty item if we have requested that they be sent back to us.  

    If we have provided you with a pre paid returns label in which you have not used, we will not be liable for any returns postage costs incurred by yourself or should you choose to post the item back without having discussed this with us.


    If we can confirm that there was a fault present when we originally despatched the order you will be entitled to whichever we see fit, either a replacement or full refund, including postage charges via your original payment method. 


    We endeavor to ensure every order is inspected prior to dispatch and in the unlikely event that your custom made order is faulty (after the above details have been adhered too) we will ensure we will either remake the order to a satisfactory standard or fix the current order in an efficient and timely manner thus ensuring that we adhere to The Sale of Goods Act 1979.  This states that if goods are not as expected then a consumer can request a repair or replacement. 


    Please be aware that we are unable to deem an item as faulty if repairs or alterations have been made by yourself in an attempt to remedy any faults or measuring errors.  This is also applicable if an item is found to be faulty by yourself after any alterations have been carried out. 

    PLEASE NOTE, most of our rods and tracks are sent with a courier and the following procedure must be followed if the package/item is found to be faulty/broken upon receipt of delivery: 

       - If the delivery is signed for as 'damaged', when the packaging is clearly marked or dented, this must be reported to us on the day you sign for the parcel 

       - If the delivery is signed for as 'clear', when the packaging looks intact, but the product inside is found to be damaged once opened, this must be reported to us as soon as possible on the day of the delivery for us to escalate further.

    PLEASE NOTE, it is important you keep all packaging if a fault has been found with the product inside. If we can confirm that there was a fault present when we originally despatched the order you will be entitled to whichever we see fit, either a replacement or full refund, including postage charges. In the unlikely event a rod/track is received damaged we require photographic evidence, so we are able to claim the costs through our courier. In most cases we will not collect the rod/track however please do not dispose of the product until we have confirmed this with you. 


    International Returns 


    All international customers are responsible for the costs in sending items back to us. 

    Please note, it is important that you label the parcel as a 'return to original sender' as this will ensure there are no custom duties to pay, if this is not marked properly the parcel will be returned to you to be resent correctly. 

    We do not offer international exchanges therefore all returns will be issued with a refund. 

    If an item is found to be faulty returns options will need to be discussed with our customer services team via email at or telephone 02380844714. 



    Questions, comments and requests regarding this returns policy are welcomed and should be addressed to 

  • Issues with an Order

    Item Missing from an Order

    If there is an item missing from your order, please do contact us within 1 day of delivery providing your order number, details of the issue and images of packaging and/or packing slip. If we are advised of any errors or issues outside of this time frame we may then not be able to resolve this.

    Item Damaged in Transit 

    If you feel your delivery has been damaged in transit or looks as if it has been opened/resealed you should refuse the parcel. Claims made for missing items after you have signed for it may be refused. By signing for the parcel you are accepting the parcel in the condition with which it has been received. 

    After you have confirmed details with us, we will launch an investigation with the delivery company.

    Please note: We are not responsible for any package after you have signed for it . 

    Faulty Item Or an Item Measuring Incorrectly 

    If for some reason your order contains a faulty item please email us with your order number, details of the issue and images showing the fault.

    If you have received a curtain that is measuring incorrectly please notify us within 2 days of receiving your order. If we are notified outside of this timeframe we may not be able to resolve this issue. 

    Please email us with your order number, details of the issue and images demonstrating the issue.

    Images of the curtain laying flat on the floor or a table with a tape measure against the curtain and the images showing the measurements. 

    We appreciate this can be tricky with longer drops so a photo of the top of the curtain and one of the bottom of the curtain showing the tape measure and measurements is acceptable. 

    Should we need to retrieve items for assessment we will send you a prepaid returns label (UK only) to ensure that you do not incur any return postage costs. 

    Please note, this is not valid if the item have been washed or used. Should you choose to return an item at your own cost we would not be able to reimburse you for this.

    International customers, please contact us prior to posting any items back to us. 

    Incorrect Item Received 

    If you have been sent the wrong item please email us providing your order numbers, details of the issue and images of the item that you have received. 

    Should we find we have sent you the wrong items we will send you a free returns label (UK Only) should we need to retrieve the items that have been sent incorrectly.

    Disliking An Order

    We offer a Sample Service to enable our customers to receive a sample of fabric of our custom made, cut to size or made to order products. This is to ensure that you can see the fabric prior to placing an order as all custom made, cut to size or made to order products are non returnable. 

    Please visit our returns policy for further information. 



  • Where is my order?

    Custom Made Orders

    Each custom made curtain is made from scratch for you in our workrooms, based on the sizes you have given and so this does take some time.

    We aim to despatch all custom made orders within the production time shown on the product page on the website. Unfortunately, we cannot state a specific delivery date as we cannot guarantee when custom made orders will be complete as it depends on the complexity of each order and our work load at the time. Because of this we display estimated production times on each product page for guidance, but if you are unsure please do contact us. 

    Ready Made Products 

    We try to keep as much in stock as possible but due to the extensive size and colour options of each product we sometimes do have to make some items, mainly voile panels, from scratch.

    If you do have a deadline please check stock with our customer services team before ordering. 

    Express Nets & Voiles

    Our Express Nets are cut to order and we aim to dispatch these as quickly as possible. Please do refer to the product page on the website for the most up to date production time. 

    Our Express Voiles take a little longer than the Express Nets as these are cut to the width ordered and also have the sides sewn. Please do refer to the product page on the website for the most up to date production time on these. 

    Please note that all delivery times shown are purely the delivery time frame (i.e from the date of dispatch) and are in addition to the production times shown on items.

    Express delivery will speed up the delivery of your order once it has been completed and is ready for dispatch but will not speed up or override the production time. 

  • Can I cancel my order?

    If you change your mind after placing an order and haven’t yet received your items we may be able to cancel this order.   

    Should you wish to cancel your order or realise that you have made a mistake when measuring/ordering please contact us as soon as possible with your order number and details of the items you wish to cancel or amend.  

    If your order has been dispatched, we will not be able to cancel it.  If the item is returnable, please visit our returns policy for information. 

    If you have ordered an item that is custom made, cut to size or made to order or altered in any way, we may not be able to cancel this if work has already begun on this order.  
    Please contact us as soon as possible and we will speak with our workrooms and find out if any work has begun. If any fabric has been cut it is unlikely that we will be able to cancel this. 

  • Can I track my parcel?

    If you need your order in a hurry and would like to track it also, please choose the Express Tracked & Signed delivery option as this is a fully trackable service with a one to two working day delivery. Making/production times will still apply, so if you need something before the stated making time, please contact us to see if we are able to fast track your order.  Please note, the delivery time is from the day you receive your shipment notification, not from the day you place your order.  

    There are some instances whereby we would ONLY ship an order to the Billing Address.  Should this apply we will contact you prior to dispatching your order. 

    We use Royal Mail and DPD for most of our shipments, however on occasion we may use another courier. If you have been supplied with a tracking number, please go to the relevant couriers website to track your order. Tracking information can take up 12 hours to appear on the relevant couriers website, so please do not contact us if you are not seeing tracking information immediately after receiving your email.  
    In the unlikely event of ordering an item which exceeds the length limited to your chosen destination there may either be an additional postage cost or cancellation of this product and a full refund of this product will be issued.