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Fire Retardant Nets and Voiles

Fire Retardant at Net Curtains Direct

As specialists in sheer curtains, we have a wide range of fire retardant net curtains and voiles, which you can find here.

We've compiled a simple guide on fire retardancy standards below, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact our commercial team on or on 02303 9077280.


Fire Retardant Standards

  • FR - simply means the fabric is Fire Retardant, normally as a result of adding a coating to the fabric after production. Fire Retardant fabrics can usually be washed up to 5 times before they lose their retardant qualities.

  • IFR - indicates Inherently Fire Retardant fabrics. This means the yarn has been created to be fire retardant, instead of a fabric being coated after production. These fabrics stay fire retardant for many more washes.

  • BS5867 Pt 2 Type B - is the first of 2 classes of fire retardant fabric that meet British standards for commercial environments. Type B fabrics are suitable for public buildings and offices. The standard specifies how a fabric burns to minimise how a fire spreads in a building.

  • BS5867 Pt Type C - is the second higher class of fire retardant fabric for British standards. It's required for hospitals and schools.

  • IMO Res A 563 (14) - is an international fire retardancy standard that applies to any maritime vessel, where a very high level is needed when specifying fire retardant fabrics.

 What do you need?

  • Public buildings, including hotels and offices need fabrics that meet BS5867 Pt 2 Type B as a minimum
  • Schools and Hospitals need fabrics that meet BS5867 Pt 2 Type C
  • Boats and cruise ships need fabrics that meet IMO Res A 563 (14)