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Eco-Friendly, Multi-functional Reusable Washing Bag for Life

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Eco-Friendly, Multi-functional Reusable Washing Bag for Life

Availability: In stock
Despatch Time: 1-3 Days

    Product Name Price Qty
    Small Reusable Drawstring Bag Approx. 20cm x 25cm
    Medium Reusable Drawstring Bag Approx. 35cm x 40cm
    Large Reusable Drawstring Bag Approx. 50cm x 55cm
    Extra Large Reusable Drawstring Bag Approx. 60cm x 90cm


    Join the anti-plastic revolution with one of these reusable multi-functional drawstring bags! 

    We are helping you find an alternative to your single-use plastic with our reusable, up-cycled voile or net drawstring bags. Use to protect your nets, voiles and sheers in the wash as well as any delicates such as tights or socks to prevent them getting tangled during the spin cycle. There is a time and place for all these different sizes of reusable bags. Take them to the shop to carry your loose fruit and veg or use the smaller bags for nuts, seeds and sweets. Perfect for carrying your fresh loaf home from the bakery. If used correctly you could be replacing over 600 single bags!!

    Additional Information

    Dimensions Approximate Sizes
    Composition 100% Polyester
    Washing Care No
    Despatch Time 1-3 Days
    Colour Cream / Ivory, White, Natural
    Returnable No

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