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Scarpa Silver Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains

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Luxurious fully lined 280gsm crushed velvet curtains with a delicate beaded trim. Matching accessories can be purchased separately to finish off the look.


Luxurious fully lined 280gsm crushed velvet curtains with a delicate beaded trim. Matching accessories can be purchased separately to finish off the look.

Includes: 1 pair of curtains or 1 pair of tie backs. Cushion covers and scarfs are sold individually.

Colour: Silver. Also available in blush pink and indigo blue.

Lining: Standard.

Heading: 3" pencil pleat heading tape for use with curtain tracks or poles with rings.

Washing Care: For the best care wash on a delicate 30° cycle.

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Ready Made
Scarpa-Silver-1 StylePlain, Velvet, Beaded
Scarpa-Silver-1 Heading TypePencil Pleat
Scarpa-Silver-1 ColourSilver
Scarpa-Silver-1 Washing CareDelicate 30° cycle
Scarpa-Silver-1 Composition100% Polyester
Scarpa-Silver-1 ReturnableYes
Scarpa-Silver-1 Ready for Despatch in3-5 Days
Scarpa-Silver-1 QuantityPair of Curtains
Scarpa-Silver-2 StylePlain, Velvet, Beaded
Scarpa-Silver-2 Heading TypePencil Pleat
Scarpa-Silver-2 ColourSilver
Scarpa-Silver-2 Washing CareDelicate 30° cycle
Scarpa-Silver-2 Composition100% Polyester
Scarpa-Silver-2 ReturnableYes
Scarpa-Silver-2 Ready for Despatch in3-5 Days
Scarpa-Silver-2 QuantityPair of Curtains
Scarpa-Silver-3 Ready for Despatch in3-5 Days
Scarpa-Silver-3 StylePlain, Velvet, Beaded
Scarpa-Silver-3 Heading TypePencil Pleat
Scarpa-Silver-3 ColourSilver
Scarpa-Silver-3 Washing CareDelicate 30° cycle
Scarpa-Silver-3 Composition100% Polyester
Scarpa-Silver-3 ReturnableYes
Scarpa-Silver-3 QuantityPair of Curtains
Scarpa-Silver-4 StylePlain, Velvet, Beaded
Scarpa-Silver-4 Heading TypePencil Pleat
Scarpa-Silver-4 ColourSilver
Scarpa-Silver-4 Washing CareDelicate 30° cycle
Scarpa-Silver-4 Composition100% Polyester
Scarpa-Silver-4 ReturnableYes
Scarpa-Silver-4 Ready for Despatch in3-5 Days
Scarpa-Silver-4 QuantityPair of Curtains
Scarpa-Silver-5 StylePlain, Velvet, Beaded
Scarpa-Silver-5 Heading TypePencil Pleat
Scarpa-Silver-5 ColourSilver
Scarpa-Silver-5 Washing CareDelicate 30° cycle
Scarpa-Silver-5 Composition100% Polyester
Scarpa-Silver-5 ReturnableYes
Scarpa-Silver-5 Ready for Despatch in3-5 Days
Scarpa-Silver-5 QuantityPair of Curtains
Scarpa-Silver-6 StylePlain, Velvet, Beaded
Scarpa-Silver-6 Heading TypePencil Pleat
Scarpa-Silver-6 ColourSilver
Scarpa-Silver-6 Washing CareDelicate 30° cycle
Scarpa-Silver-6 Composition100% Polyester
Scarpa-Silver-6 ReturnableYes
Scarpa-Silver-6 Ready for Despatch in3-5 Days
Scarpa-Silver-6 QuantityPair of Curtains
Scarpa-Silver-7 StylePlain, Velvet, Beaded
Scarpa-Silver-7 Heading TypePencil Pleat
Scarpa-Silver-7 ColourSilver
Scarpa-Silver-7 Washing CareDelicate 30° cycle
Scarpa-Silver-7 Composition100% Polyester
Scarpa-Silver-7 ReturnableYes
Scarpa-Silver-7 Ready for Despatch in3-5 Days
Scarpa-Silver-7 QuantityPair of Curtains
Scarpa-Silver-8 StylePlain, Velvet, Beaded
Scarpa-Silver-8 Heading TypePencil Pleat
Scarpa-Silver-8 ColourSilver
Scarpa-Silver-8 Washing CareDelicate 30° cycle
Scarpa-Silver-8 Composition100% Polyester
Scarpa-Silver-8 ReturnableYes
Scarpa-Silver-8 Ready for Despatch in3-5 Days
Scarpa-Silver-8 QuantityPair of Curtains
Scarpa-Silver-9 StylePlain, Velvet, Beaded
Scarpa-Silver-9 Heading TypeN/A
Scarpa-Silver-9 ColourSilver
Scarpa-Silver-9 Washing CareDelicate 30° cycle
Scarpa-Silver-9 Composition100% Polyester
Scarpa-Silver-9 ReturnableYes
Scarpa-Silver-9 Ready for Despatch in3-5 Days
Scarpa-Silver-9 QuantityPair of Curtains
Scarpa-Silver-11 StylePlain, Velvet, Beaded
Scarpa-Silver-11 Heading TypeN/A
Scarpa-Silver-11 ColourSilver
Scarpa-Silver-11 Washing CareDelicate 30° cycle
Scarpa-Silver-11 Composition100% Polyester
Scarpa-Silver-11 ReturnableYes
Scarpa-Silver-11 Ready for Despatch in3-5 Days
Scarpa-Silver-11 QuantityPair of Curtains
Scarpa-Silver-12 StylePlain, Velvet, Beaded
Scarpa-Silver-12 Heading TypeN/A
Scarpa-Silver-12 ColourSilver
Scarpa-Silver-12 Washing CareDelicate 30° cycle
Scarpa-Silver-12 Composition100% Polyester
Scarpa-Silver-12 ReturnableYes
Scarpa-Silver-12 Ready for Despatch in3-5 Days
Scarpa-Silver-12 QuantityPair of Curtains
Scarpa-Silver-13 StylePlain, Velvet, Beaded
Scarpa-Silver-13 Heading TypeN/A
Scarpa-Silver-13 ColourSilver
Scarpa-Silver-13 Washing CareDelicate 30° cycle
Scarpa-Silver-13 Composition100% Polyester
Scarpa-Silver-13 ReturnableYes
Scarpa-Silver-13 Ready for Despatch in3-5 Days
Scarpa-Silver-13 QuantityPair of Curtains
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