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A classic and timeless interior style, Stripes are used throughout the home in all soft furnishings and they never go out of fashion! A perfect style for your sheers and curtains, stripes offer a slight alternative to plain designs, but can be really subtle and just offer that little bit of detail. Or you may be looking for something that makes a statement, if so go for thicker bold stripes on coloured voile or curtains, the choice is yours! Stripes can be horizontal or vertical on curtains and are a great way to gain extra privacy or add colour to a room.

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  • Belluno Metallic Voile Curtain

  • Chevron Cream Voile

    Chevron Cream Voile

  • Plissee White Voile Curtain

  • Cambridge White Voile

    Cambridge White Voile

  • Valery Black Voile Curtain

  • Haddon Striped White Lace Panel - 50% off

    Haddon Striped White Lace Panel - 50% off

    From: £25.60

  • Liguria Pasture Voile Curtain

  • Bianco Green Voile Panel

    From: £8.15

  • Rio Blue Voile Curtain

  • Milan White Voile

    Milan White Voile

  • Denby White Voile Panel

    Denby White Voile Panel

    From: £21.85

  • Lola White Voile

    Lola White Voile

  • Liguria Mauvelous Voile Curtain

  • Madison Stripe Red Voile Panel

    Madison Stripe Red Voile Panel

    From: £21.80

  • Blaise White Voile

    Blaise White Voile

  • Mason Net Curtain Complete Roll - 10% off

  • Liguria Seagrass Voile Curtain

  • Mykonos Heather Voile Panel

    From: £14.30

    Out of stock

  • Horizon Aubergine Voile Panel

    Horizon Aubergine Voile Panel

    From: £10.95

  • Laura White Net Curtain

    Laura White Net Curtain

  • Metropole Teal Voile Panel

    Metropole Teal Voile Panel

    From: £20.15

  • Denby Natural Voile Panel

    Denby Natural Voile Panel

    From: £21.85

  • Liguria Cameo Voile Curtain

  • Portland Cream Voile

    Portland Cream Voile


Items 1 to 24 of 39 total

per page
Set Descending Direction

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