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Clearance Madras Panels

Introducing our fantastic range of premium madras panels exclusive to Net Curtains Direct from world renowned British lace makers, Morton Young and Borland, who were founded as an exclusive manufacturer of Scottish Leno Gauze weave, later knows as Scottish Madras. All the panels below are end of line ranges with an unprecedented 30% discount off the recommended retail price. Panels range from 56% to 100% cotton, and some also feature other natural fibres such as linen and wool and all are available in a 54", 72" and 90" drop although panels can be altered on request. Fabric is also available by the metre, unfinished in any metres you require, starting from 3 metre cuts. MYB Textiles is now the only producer in the world manufacturing patterned lace and madras with original Nottingham Lace Looms, some of which are over 90 years old and up to 1220cms wide. This manufacturing process is extremely labour intensive, with the looms runnig at a very slow, controlled pace so they can give a high level of quality control: this attention to detail gives the product its niche.

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  • Aberdeen Natural  Madras Panel

    Aberdeen Natural Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Arran Ivory Madras Panel

    Arran Ivory Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Arran Natural Madras Panel

    Arran Natural Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Augusta Natural Stone Madras Panel

    Augusta Natural Stone Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Catkin Ecru Madras Panel

    Catkin Ecru Madras Panel

    From: £340.13

  • Dundee Ivory Madras Panel

    Dundee Ivory Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Dundee Natural Madras Panel

    Dundee Natural Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

    Out of stock

  • Jodie Natural Madras Panel

    Jodie Natural Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Kerry Ivory Madras Panel

    Kerry Ivory Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Kerry Natural Madras Panel

    Kerry Natural Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Kinross Ivory Madras Panel

    Kinross Ivory Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Kinross Natural Madras Panel

    Kinross Natural Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Pearl Ivory Madras Panel

    Pearl Ivory Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Pearl Natural Madras Panel

    Pearl Natural Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Rebecca Ivory Madras Panel

    Rebecca Ivory Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Rebecca Natural Madras Panel

    Rebecca Natural Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Rosemary Ivory Madras Panel

    Rosemary Ivory Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Rosemary Natural Madras Panel

    Rosemary Natural Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Sky Natural Madras Panel

    Sky Natural Madras Panel

    From: £325.43

  • Springtime Madras Panel

    Springtime Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Troon Ivory Madras Panel

    Troon Ivory Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Wilamina Ivory Stone Madras Panel

    Wilamina Ivory Stone Madras Panel

    From: £310.98

  • Balmorie Natural Madras Panel - 50% off

    Balmorie Natural Madras Panel - 50% off

    From: £79.50

  • Fern Duck Egg Madras Panel - 50% off

    Fern Duck Egg Madras Panel - 50% off

    From: £79.50

Items 1 to 24 of 40 total

per page
Set Descending Direction

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