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Madras Lace Curtains

Our Madras panels, are the very finest lace curtain panels that are made today. All made in Scotland by luxury lace manufacturers, Morton Young & Borland, these luxury 100% cotton panels are so sheer the touch resembles silk.

Madras is named for the city in India where the Victorians set up lace making factories in the mid 19th century. The weaving process for Madras lace is slow, taking a full day to produce 10 metres.The result is a truly magnificent fabric with a heavy rich overlay of pattern. Although all the Madras fabrics are as sheer as silk, the solid weave of the lace offers considerable privacy & luxury. Madras is an elegant fabric, being used the world over in luxury settings, from the White House in the Washington D.C. to English country homes to boutique resorts in Dubai.

Taken from original archive designs by Morton Young & Borland, our Madras Panel collection encompasses many design periods and styles, giving a real authenticity to every item, all of which are finished with a slot top and finished hem.

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  • Sabrina Sea Blue Madras Panel - 50% off

    Sabrina Sea Blue Madras Panel - 50% off

    From: £79.50

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