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80mm/60mm Wave


Wave heading is available on most of our custom made net and voile fabrics, when selecting a fabric for wave sheers the pattern repeat will need to be considered. If the pattern repeat is very small the wave can distort the look of the pattern and make it look uneven when the curtain is made.

When quoting or placing an order for Wave we need to know the following information:

Track width 

Fullness: 2.5x

Wave spacing: 60mm or 80mm

Wave is available with either a 60mm or 80mm spacing. The spacing with determine the size of your waves. If you choose the 60mm spacing this will require more fabric as the waves are smaller.

When ordering wave please consider the following information:

60mm spacing - 50mm is required both behind and in front of the track.

80mm spacing - 70mm is required both behind and in front of the track.

This allowance will ensure the waves glide freely. Please take this into account when installing your track especially if you are installing into a recess of a window or a channel that has been cut into the ceiling.

How to measure for wave voile sheers/curtains:

When measuring your curtain length for Wave sheers we advise you to measure from the glider on your track to where you want the curtain to sit, this should clear the floor by a minimum of 12mm. We strongly recommend installing your track first to get the exact drop for your curtain. If you are purchasing your track with us we can make the necessary deductions from your overall drop to allow for the track and clearance.

Wave cannot be used as a blackout curtains, this is due to the wave affect letting light through at both the top and bottom of the curtain. Lining option is available upon request so please let us know. Wave can only be used suspended underneath a track, you will need to either top fix the track to the ceiling or use a face fixing bracket to project the curtain away from the wall to allow the curtain to wave behind and in front of the track.

If you require optimum stack back this is the heading for you!

If you require a quote for a Wave Voile, please do not hesitate to email us on for a non-obligational quote.  

We offer a free sample service click here  to let us know your request. You can select 5 free of charge. 

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