The sun has got his hat on – Our guide to using sheers to protect

Using Sheers to protect from the summer-sun

At last, summer has finally found its way here and we are enjoying the beautiful warmth and sunshine. Out comes the barbeque, up goes the gazebos and everyone is covered in Factor 30… but are we doing enough to protect our furnishings?

The UV rays can be harmful in the home, causing extensive fading even in the shadiest corners of our living areas. Parasol, awnings and tinted film are effective, yet very costly. So what else can we try?

Here at Net Curtains Direct we offer a wide range of made to measure voile curtains that are densely woven and with 3x fullness, could be more effective at diffusing the light, thus helping to protect curtains, wallpaper and even art work. Voile designs such as Sapphire and Botley work extremely well. We also offer a range of Express voiles if you are able to use standard drops.
For a more upmarket look and superior quality, our fabulous range of boutique voiles, from Ado have a colourfast guarantee of 10 years. All of these designs are available, made to measure, and with colours to enhance any room. They are offered with several heading options and some designs are available as Roman Blinds.

Another summer time niggle are unwanted insects. When the windows and doors are flung wide, it gives an open invitation to those pesky flies. Dressing the windows with nets and voile curtains, will help towards diffusing the light, keeping the room cooler but also act as a barrier to limit the amount of flying insects that sneak in. Our Express Net Curtains including curtains such as Hawaii, that is part of the enhanced living range endorsed by Dr. Hilary Jones, is another way that will help keep bugs and pollen at a minimum.

Although we cannot guarantee against the harmful effects of fading, every little helps towards delaying the process, in a stylish and attractive way. Take advantage of the summer sale and get those nets up while the sun is still here!

Now, where’s my sun hat?

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