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  • Spring / Summer – Mountain View Trend

    Posted on 06/03/2017 by Kayleigh

    Open your home to springtime with a panoramic view, by gaining inspiration from a fresh spring walk, where you can get closer to nature and the outside world. Imagine a day in the mountains, picnicking by the lake and you are on the right track! The great outdoors with its hills and valleys, flora and fauna and forest wildlife are the style for your home this spring. Use the natural colours of spring; meadow green, sky blue and warm sunshine combined with soft cascading fabrics that use natural textures and fibres to create a blissful blooming retreat.

    Mountain View colour palette

    Acid Green, Indigo Blue with Mauve and Grey tones from Lubina Voile. Zingy and fresh but grounded with a natural linen base cloth.

    laguna haystack
    Laguna Haystack, ombre Cream to Lemon Yellow, looseley woven to add to the organic, mountain side appearance.

    The shimmering Duck Egg Blue of Casablanca illustrates dewy spring mornings and cascading streams in the mountains. The metallic thread running through the voile reflects much needed light around your interior.

    aspen lime FR
    Aspen Lime Voile, your go-to green for springtime!

    Mountain View styling
    Here our Avalon Voile voile looks incredible! Floor to ceiling length curtains in this jungle style forest green, really and truly invites the outside indoors. How could you feel stuffy in this room? it is so refreshing! The colourful art and blue chair cuts through and complements the green perfectly. Light weight voile curtains are great for large patio doors and bi-folds. The fine fabric glides and stacks back neatly to the side of your opening to optimise space and light on a sunny spring day.

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  • Style Inspiration - Vintage

    Posted on 01/02/2017 by Elle

    Be inspired by decades gone by with our Vintage style, collecting together Art Deco inspired net curtains and floral period lace to help you get the look in your home. Vintage is a great style that works in any home, because it doesn't have to be put alongside other vintage pieces, our fantastic range of traditional lace curtains can be added into a modern decor and will fit in perfectly! Our new Style Collections feature quick and easy ready made voile panels, that can transform a room in an instant as well as beautiful sheers from our boutique voile curtain range. Whatever your budget or theme of your room, a curtain from our Vintage style will add a touch of romantic nostalgia to your home.

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  • Introducing Our New 'Styles' Catagory

    Posted on 23/01/2017 by Kayleigh

    We know that sometimes you need a little help choosing the right curtain. Our new ‘Style’ category will enable you to shop by a theme, themes that you have been asking for.
    style menu
    Each style theme will include products from every type of curtain, track or accessory and will be a great tool to view what is available to you within the style. From there on you can begin to refine products using our usual 'Shopping Options' on the left hand menu, perhaps choosing to see only products with a particular heading option.
    i.e. Collections> Styles> Nautical> Plain Style> Fairly Dense> Tape heading > 'Flanders Natural Voile panel'
    shopping options cropped
    We have kick started with our most popular requests Nautical ,Muslin,Glitter and Birds & Butterfly. We will continue to add new themes reactively, so please if there is something you would love to see as a 'style', drop us a quick note on Live Chat, your voice will be heard! The themes can be as simple as a type of pattern such as a ‘Check’ to a theme like ‘Nursery'. We see the styles to be timeless and staple themes that will always be relevant.
    pic style menuFor our trend led shoppers, who want to keep up to date with the latest interior fashions, we are pleased to continue to launch current 2017 Trends throughout this year and have some really exciting and inspiring collections in progress, keep your eyes peeled!

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