A revolution in window dressing

This morning we read a fantastic article about Voile Curtains in the Nottingham Post. Its great to hear the benefits of using both Net Curtains and Voile Curtains as a modern and functonal alternative to traditional curtains “Today’s featherweight drapes create a light, bright and breezy atmosphere – offering a far more informal solution when compared to the relatively stiff and formal traditional curtain”
We love how designer Lesley Taylor describes light sheer curtains billowing across a room, it’s exactly how we are encouraging our customers to style their Voile Curtains this Spring. At this time of year, it is refreshing to let in the clean Spring air and blow the winter cobwebs away…
“spring is the perfect time for going sheer – just as the periods of sunlight are getting longer and temperatures warming, allowing us to open the windows and watch sheers dramatically billow across the room.”
“The choice of sheers is staggering, incorporating every colour imaginable and an astounding number of patterns”
It is true, we have such a wide variety of colours and patterns here at Net Curtains Direct and believe we cater for traditional and modern tastes. If you are a design led shopper, we have put together a fantastic set of collections to enable you to find the perfect curtain quickly through style and trend.
To achieve a dramatic and fluid style, particualrly at patio or bi-fold doors, we recommend a slender track, to allow your voile curtain to move freely when blown by the breeze and also when drawn to the side. Have your Voile curtains made-to-measure to sit just skirting your floor and with just the perfect amount of fullness (we recommend 3x the amount of fabric to the window width). You need enough fullness and length to reflect quality, but not too much that the curtains don’t flow freely. The curtains shouldn’t look weighty or restrictive.
Alternatively, for those of you who are after the hugely popular romantic curtain style “For an especially laid-back appearance, choose a slightly longer than necessary drop so curtains gather on the floor beautifully”
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